One-on-One with Jessica Hammer, Game Researcher at Columbia University

Jessica Hammer, a Mellon Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Fellow at Columbia University, shares her candid thoughts about Mendeley. Thank you, Jessica, for taking the time to chat! You’ve helped us to kick off what may be a brand new series of Mendeley stories – as told by our users themselves.

Tell us about your research interests
Officially I study psychology, but games, stories, community, race, gender, learning, technology and creativity are all part of my larger research interests. My focus is on investigating how technology interventions influence the way that people think, feel and behave.  Right now, I’m working on how games can help people adopt new ways of thinking about race and gender.

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New York, New York

<New York at Night by British photographer Jason Hawkes>

We’ve made our way to the other side of the pond. We’re a small, talented team of six hard at work! Our NY team is ready to reach out to those who still suffer from the pains of managing their references. We’re also reaching out to those who have not yet seen the light.

First, we want to help researchers be more productive. What’s more, we’re really here to support their collaboration. We want to pair bright minds with similar research interests and help them spend less time searching for papers. Our goal is to empower the discovery of new works on today’s hottest research topics.

…and our beloved University Advisors. For those who missed the news, we recently launched a community outreach program for our strongest supporters. They are integral to what Mendeley is building and give us valuable, critical feedback. Team NY is here to dedicate more energy to working closely with our Advisors.

With Team London as our guide, we look forward to hosting something like Open Office Friday in our new digs once we’re settled. So get pumped for jam sessions or pizza parties or dart night or [fill in your wish]!

Here we are, posing pretty, with our Mendeley poster.
From Left: Lauren Johnson, Jan Reichelt, Jessica Mezei, Jonathan Keidan, Miji Choi,
Andrew Bennie (who just joined us today) and the Liaisons-at-large William Gunn in Southern California and Ricardo Vidal in Toronto.

William Gunn
William Gunn
Ricardo Vidal
Ricardo Vidal

Mendeley is being watched.

Pressure, the good kind, is continuing to build up. We are being named, listed, and watched.

Just a month ago, Mendeley was named as the start-up most likely to change the world for the better at The Guardian Activate 2010 Summit. What better encouragement could there be, we thought. We jumped up and down, patted each other on the back, took a deep breath, then went back to work so that we can live up to the prediction.

Today, UK-based Telegraph released another list, Top 10 European Technology Companies of 2010, compiled by PROfounders Capital’s Brent Hoberman, the co-founder of, and Rogan Angelini-Hurll, who formerly headed the Citi Pan European Media Research team.

Mendeley is listed as no. 5. That’s one step up from being ranked 6th in the Guardian/TechMediaInvest 2009 list of Top 100 Tech Companies.

Stepping up to the plate one rank at a time… Go Team!

And you, Mendeley users and followers of our blog, Go You Too! Pressure us and keep us on our toes. Use Mendeley until you are no longer satisfied. Let us know what excites or frustrates you – and give us a shout at Mendeley Feedback Forum.

Drum rolls… and the winner is Mendeley! #Activate2010

We believe that we will change the world for the better. Yup, this exciting and glorious ambition is what keeps us going. But we also realize that we are not the only one sweating to make it happen. That’s exactly why it is such an honor to have placed first at the Guardian Activate Future Technologies Pitching Contest.

A panel of judges including Esther Dyson, Anil Hansjee, Stephen King, and George Coelho asked themselves, “which company is most likely to change the world for the better?” and the answer was Mendeley! Also today, Victor – alongside Google CEO Eric Schmidt and US Deputy Chief Technology Officer & Director of White House Open Government Initiative Beth Simone Noveck – gave a presentation at the Guardian Activate 2010 Summit.

Thank you everyone for supporting us (and yes, keep sending us your feedback)! Being recognized feels great and what we love even more is that a win like this allows us more opportunities to speak up about our progress and vision.

Speaking of progress, we reached just over 400,000 users and are approaching 30M research papers in our users’ libraries as of yesterday.

Now let the saga continue…

Academia-bound information management tools are not a new thing. But never have they been as widely or excitedly welcomed. Odd, it seems, for an industry ripe for collaboration. The enthusiasm is, in large part, due to Mendeley’s ease of use – but its longevity lies in the long-tail data that can be unearthed about who’s reading what, when and why.

“Mendeley ‘most likely to change the world for the better'” by Josh Halliday, The Guardian