New York, New York

<New York at Night by British photographer Jason Hawkes>

We’ve made our way to the other side of the pond. We’re a small, talented team of six hard at work! Our NY team is ready to reach out to those who still suffer from the pains of managing their references. We’re also reaching out to those who have not yet seen the light.

First, we want to help researchers be more productive. What’s more, we’re really here to support their collaboration. We want to pair bright minds with similar research interests and help them spend less time searching for papers. Our goal is to empower the discovery of new works on today’s hottest research topics.

…and our beloved University Advisors. For those who missed the news, we recently launched a community outreach program for our strongest supporters. They are integral to what Mendeley is building and give us valuable, critical feedback. Team NY is here to dedicate more energy to working closely with our Advisors.

With Team London as our guide, we look forward to hosting something like Open Office Friday in our new digs once we’re settled. So get pumped for jam sessions or pizza parties or dart night or [fill in your wish]!

Here we are, posing pretty, with our Mendeley poster.
From Left: Lauren Johnson, Jan Reichelt, Jessica Mezei, Jonathan Keidan, Miji Choi,
Andrew Bennie (who just joined us today) and the Liaisons-at-large William Gunn in Southern California and Ricardo Vidal in Toronto.

William Gunn
William Gunn
Ricardo Vidal
Ricardo Vidal

3 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. So, where are all my citation styles??? I did the upgrade on mac and afterwards everything was messed up. I went to the citation styles folder, but it was almost empty. i spend a lot of time in composing my own styles. so, where are they?

  2. For anyone else having the same issue as Donaldo, please note that all the old citation styles on Mac should still be in

    Any citation styles from Mendeley Desktop have been migrated and if you send them to us, we can migrate styles that you have composed yourself.

    The folder that’s being used now is citationStyles-1.0 and you can easily download other styles from within the program. A built-in editor for citation styles should be available in the next major release.

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