Mendeley and Beyond – Here's what happened at #MDOD15

After an amazing Mendeley and Beyond, Open Day 2015, we’ve just about managed to re-collect our thoughts and tell you how it went… It was wonderful! We really enjoyed meeting so many of our Advisors, Users, Librarians, Usability Testers, Partners and colleagues. A big thank you to everyone who joined us in our new home in AlphaBeta – we look forward to seeing you again next year!



Top Features announced at #MDOD15

Mendeley Data
22670784627_51ff24ff4b_kThe new Mendeley Data repository is designed to help you do more with the data that comes out of your research, allowing you to publish your data, share it, and make it available for other researchers. This data platform allows researchers to upload the raw data from their research, where it is give it a unique identifier that makes that data citable. The aim is to move beyond the tradition research article and enable researchers to show their workings, and most importantly get credit for that.

Heliyon Submission Channel
Mendeley is launching the first journal on it’s new submission channel. “Heliyon is the perfect journal to introduce this new pillar of Mendeley. It’s innovative in every sense, cross-discipline and, most importantly, open access” says Paul Foeckler, Co-founder and Integration Director of Mendeley. Our aim is to help people publish in a seamless way connecting relevant stages of their workflow and accelerate the process of making and disseminating new discoveries.

Mendeley Goes Social
22696870339_1a52e5375b_kThere have been several development in Mendeley recently. You may have noticed that your profile now features enhanced statistics information to provides any published author with an aggregated view on the performance of their articles. Additionally, you’ll be able to import your publications from Scopus, which has the highest-quality source of data on published articles, and for articles published on ScienceDirect we additionally provide information on views, search terms used to get to your article, map of where your readership comes from, and provides links to various source data providers.

Not only that (why stop there?!), you’ll be getting improved article suggestions, which will provide four different recommendation algorithms to support different scientific needs, which will be regularly recalculated and tailored, ensuring that there is always something new for you to discover.


But that’s not all that happened!

Breakout sessions
In the afternoon, we held some smaller group breakout session where attendees had the opportunity to find out more and give there feedback about Mendeley data, BibTeX/LaTex, Data Science, the Mendeley API and   – all the while being guided by some New Orleans-inspired Second liners.

Eye Art
Our visitors also had the chance to have images their eyes turned in to some wonderful abstract art with some close up Eye Photography

Legendary Mendeley Open Day After-Party
The amazing Jerome introduced us to his world of swing, right in the heart of Mendeley HQ – we danced, we sang, and we’re mesmerized as Jerome showed of his Charleston grooves.

You can catch up on Tweets through our Storify or see highlights on our Flickr

What you should know about Mendeley Open Day 2014

Whew. We’re just now recovering from the craziness that was Mendeley Open Day. While we didn’t film everything (to protect the innocent…and the not-so-innocent), you can relive, rewind, and re-watch the day via our YouTube Playlist or catch up on Tweets through our Storify.

If for some reason you decide you don’t want to watch 9 hours of video (why ever not?!), here are some of the highlights and features announced at Open Day.

Top 5 Features announced at Mendeley Open Day

1. Improved iOS speed + Android phone preview!
Steve Dennis was surprised to receive a spontaneous ovation from the audience after describing the iOS sync speed as improving 5000 percent better

You can catch his moment below (starts at 28:05) and stay tuned for the Android preview

2. Improved Web Library
Your Mendeley Library will soon be even more portable, with improved Web Library (starts at 35:36)

3. Research Data Management
Joe Shell, Senior Project Manager, shared why he thinks data is like wine, (“it gets better with age”) and his vision for seamless data management for researchers and laboratories. (starts at 1:00:00)

4. Sneak preview of your new Mendeley Profile Page
See Wah Cheng gave us a sneak preview of an updated Mendeley profile page and explained how Mendeley is creating better research work flow through improved social networking. (starts at 1:10:00)

5. Mendeley API is improving other workflow tools, including writeLaTeX

API Developer Joyce Stack shared how third-party developers are using Mendeley API to create better tools for researchers, including better .bib import to writeLaTeX, as announced Dr. John Lees-Miller

Best Talk on Researcher Workflow

One of my favourite bits was from Mendeley Advisor Vicky Pyne, who talked about how she gets things done with her system called (wait for it) “Getting Things Done.” (starts at 37:10)

There was so much more, so you really ought to watch the videos. If you tuned in already, tell us, what was your favourite bit? What are you hoping to learn more about?