The Top 10+1 apps in the Mendeley-PLoS Binary Battle!

The results are in! Mendeley and PLoS staff both voted on which apps could have the greatest impact on science. We actually had a tie and decided to keep the binary going and include 11 apps to make it a Top 10+1. These apps will now be presented to our worthy judges to determine the overall winner, to be announced November 30th. Our expert judges are: Werner Vogels (Amazon CTO), John Wilbanks (VP for Science at Creative Commons), James Powell (Thomson Reuters CTO), Juan Enriquez (Managing Directo of Excel Venture Management), and Tim O’Reilly (Founder of O’Reilly Media).

There were so many great apps, that we also decided to throw in three honorable mentions, who didn’t quite make it into the Top 10+1, but were crowd pleasers. See below the Top 10+1 to find out who made it to the honorable mention list.

More details on the Top 10+1 apps and the Binary Battle are up on our API developer portal, so check that out. And without further ado, here are the Top 10+1 apps… 


The Top 10+1 apps that could impact science

In alphabetical order – go to our dev portal for more info and pretty pictures

Visualize who is collaborating in your research field with data from your
Mendeley library or BibTeX file.

Read your Mendeley library on the go with this Android for mobiles client.

Make “smart” connections between articles, books, and any other research
object and learn from connections made by other researchers.

Share your personal genome from 23andMe or deCODEme to find the latest
relevant research and let scientists discover new genetic associations.

Post-publication peer review in an open environment. Rate papers and write
critical reviews, or read those from others.

PLoS Impact Explorer
See which research is getting the most buzz online from news outlets,
blogs, Twitter, and elsewhere all in one place.

Research impact is now crowd sourced. Future impact of research is
estimated using real-time bookmarking aggregated from Mendeley.

R-based tools to facilitate Open Science; including R packages for both
Mendeley and PLoS.

Discover all of the citations, bookmarks, and other points of impact for
all of your publications or personal library.

Share and keep track of what you read on your mobile device then watch the
leader board to see who is on top.

Get a broad picture of the true impact of what you’re reading with data
aggregated from many sources.

Honorable Mentions

Homepage reSearcher
Mendeley Comparison Grid

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Jason Hoyt is Chief Scientist & VP of R&D at Mendeley. Follow him on twitter @jasonHoyt