Update for "About us" and "Support"

If you haven’t seen it yet, go and have a look – we’ve updated Mendeley.com! We’ve created two new sections in which we hope to give you a bit more information about us and to provide better support for the fast-growing Mendeley community.

About Us

Here you can learn more about Mendeley and all the magnificient people who are helping build it. And this doesn’t even include our Community Liaisons, interns, Lead Users, and all the other supporters we have world-wide.

We’ve also created a little showcase to display the awards we’ve won recently (yeah, reasonably proud of it… but we have to say that this is also due to all of your incredibly helpful user feedback which just makes Mendeley better with every release!). As you can also see in this section, many large universities have either recommended or linked to us, and we’ve already had many good reviews talking about Mendeley.

As you may also remember, we recently published some teaching materials. Hopefully our new “Spread the word” section is an even easier way for you to access these now. Let us know if this is helpful for you and how we can further improve this!


In our new support section we help you to get started with Mendeley. You will also find our FAQ has been slightly redesigned. To get in touch with our support team (the “Stability Liberation Front” & “Mean to Bugs, Kind to Ponies” guys) to report a bug or to request a feature, visit our feedback forum. Watch out though, we are currently planning to set up a more extensive and detailed online manual for Mendeley. This manual will be wiki based too, so you can also become active and share your hints! Phew… ah, and the next release is also not far away…

Enjoy the new pages!

Mendeley Desktop v0.9.0 released

This update introduces a lot of new features, including a PDF viewer, OpenOffice.org integration on Mac OSX and Linux, and many more. Interface issues, and a number of bugs are also addressed in this release, as well as improvements to the overall stability.

Just to give you a teaser – this is how it looks like to add notes to PDF documents:
Annotate PDFs

New Features:
  • Built-in PDF viewer for viewing PDFs directly in Mendeley Desktop
  • Support for annotating PDF files (syncing notes to and from Mendeley Web is planned for the next release)
  • Many additional online lookups (CrossRef, PubMed, Google Scholar)
  • Public document collections (reading lists) which can be embedded on other websites
  • OpenOffice.org Writer plugin for Mac OSX & Linux
  • Improved native user interface for Mac OSX
  • Individual synchronization and privacy settings for each document collection
  • Auto-save changes and undo functionality for quick document detail editing
  • Flagging documents as favorites
  • Marking a document as read, or unread
  • Detecting duplicate documents when importing library files or PDFs
  • Merging together document authors, tags, keywords or publications
  • Editing document details, or tags for multiple documents simultaneously
  • New “Trash” collection so you can restore deleted documents
Improvements to Existing Features:
  • Changes to the toolbar and terminology in light of usability tests
  • Better handling of documents with unconfirmed details
  • More robust synchronization between Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley Web
  • Search results are presented in a much easier to read format
  • Searching for documents now searches the document details, as well the PDF text
Bug Fixes:
  • Detect and handle duplicate citation keys being used when exporting to BibTeX format
  • Improved full-text indexing stability for search
  • Allow documents to be renamed without the file organizer being enabled
  • Clean up the formatting of exported citations
  • Handle tags and keywords properly when exporting to BibTex format
  • File organizer stability fixes
  • Corrections to various citation styles
  • Plus many more…

So no time to waste – visit our download page and give it a try, would be great to hear what you think! 🙂 Also, thanks a lot for all the feedback from our leadusers who helped us polishing this new version.

Please note: As part of the upgrade process, if you have an online account already, Mendeley Desktop will need to perform a full sync when it next starts. This may take some time depending on the size of your library. It is a one-off sync that is required to ensure compatibility with an upgraded sync method.

If you have suggestions how to improve managing research papers with the Mendeley reference manager please let us know by visiting our feedback forum. If you encounter any problems using Mendeley or have questions to ask, please e-mail us at support@mendeley.com.

Mendeley Desktop v0.6.5 released

After putting the installers on our website last week we now set the auto-update for Windows, Mac and Linux as well. This update adds integration with OpenOffice.org on Windows, fixes several file organiser problems as well as various bugs reported by users. Work is under way on the next update which will include an integrated PDF viewer and many usability improvements to the user interface.

New Features:

  • OpenOffice.org integration on Windows. To setup the OpenOffice.org plugin, restart Mendeley after installing the update and select Tools -> Install OpenOffice Plugin
    OpenOffice.org integration for Linux will be coming soon.

Improvements to Existing Features:

  • Conversion between LaTeX commands for accents and equivalent unicode characters when importing from or exporting to Bibtex
  • Add clickable link under URLs field to open current URL in a browser
  • Add link in Tools menu to install the website importer in your browser which lets you easily import citations from popular websites such as Amazon, Google Scholar and PLoS

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for various problems when installing the Word plugin
  • Abstract field was not filled in when clicking PubMed lookup button in metadata tab
  • Fixed problem where file organiser did not always respect ‘sort into subfolders’ setting correctly
    on Windows
  • Fixed problem where file organiser could get stuck in an infinite loop, repeatedly copying the same files
  • Show more accurate progress information when organising files
  • Fix author extraction sometimes stripping out lower-case name parts such as ‘van’, ‘der’ etc.
  • Fixed problem on Windows where folder monitoring tried to re-import documents which had been explicitly removed from within Mendeley
  • After sorting the library view, the wrong metadata was shown in the right-hand pane
  • Improved RIS importer’s support for several non-standard fields
  • Fixed crash if a problem occurred loading the data files which support the metadata extraction algorithms
  • Export user’s notes to ‘annote’ rather than ‘note’ field in Bibtex to prevent the problem where the user’s reading notes could appear as part of the formatted citation in the rendered Latex document. Also import ‘comments’ field into the notes field in Mendeley.

If you have suggestions for improvements please let us know by visiting the feedback forum. If you encounter any problems using Mendeley or have questions to ask please email support@mendeley.com.

Mendeley Desktop 0.6.3

The moons have once more aligned and we would like to announce the release of a new version of Mendeley Desktop for your software-using pleasure, including the Word plugin.

Thank-you all for your feedback, it’s really helped to shape this release. If you have any problems with Mendeley or you wish to request cool new stuff for us to add please visit our feedback forum, which is accessible through the Help menu.

New Features
  • PDF file organisation and renaming tool
  • Automatic extraction and retrieval of metadata for ArXiv papers
  • Lookup metadata for documents based on their PubMed ID
  • Invite other researchers who are not Mendeley contacts to join Shared Document Groups from within the program
  • Store and sync paper abstracts
  • Link to your Mendeley profile and online library in Mendeley Desktop
Improvements to Existing Features:
  • Author extraction improvements in the PDF importer – This release lays the groundwork for future metadata extraction improvements
  • Faster startup with large libraries
  • Reduce the number and duration of pauses during synchronisation, especially with large libraries
  • Improved auto-completion of authors
  • Allow deletion of documents in Recently Added and Ungrouped views
  • Display the number of documents in groups next to the group name
  • Warn the user if they accidentally try to add papers to ‘My Publications’ if they do not appear in the author list for that paper
  • Show number of PDFs uploaded/downloaded from Mendeley Web while syncing
  • More informative progress updates during PDF import
  • Import tags from Bibtex, RIS files
  • Export tags to Bibtex files
  • Word plugin installer integrated into Mendeley Desktop (Tools menu)
  • More citation styles for citation view and Word plugin
  • Bibliographies in Word plugin have hanging indents for certain styles
  • Various improvements to citation formatting
Bug Fixes (General)
  • More robust synchronisation – fixed many bugs which could occur whilst syncing
  • Various citation formatting improvements
  • Various Bibtex import fixes – Bibtex files generated by Google Scholar and Web of Science now import correctly
  • Support RefWorks-generated RIS files
  • Prevent pasting rich text into metadata fields which do not support it
  • Use case insensitive sorting in fields list and table view
  • Strip XML tags when exporting notes to Bibtex or RIS
  • Fix ‘Save’ button not being enabled when viewing un-corrected metadata until at least one of the fields had been changed
  • Removed in-line editing in table view as it was accidentally activated too easily
  • Fixed problems entering ISBN, ISSN information
  • Made several error messages less scary
  • Fix current article selection being lost when sorting library
  • Fixed imported documents being added to different groups if the user changed the selection while the import was in progress
  • Fixed searching for exact phrases using quotation marks
  • Stop trying to upload PDF files if account quota is reached
  • Fixed bug causing scary message about UUID clash
Bug Fixes (Windows)
  • Fixed crashes when importing certain PDFs on Windows
  • File auto-renamer could create file names which were too long on Windows
Bug Fixes (Mac)
  • Fixed crash during online metadata retrieval when importing PDFs
  • Now works on OSX systems which have Qt/KDE installed (fix possible crash on startup)
Bug Fixes (Linux)
  • Make Ubuntu package require the Qt 4 SQLite plugin
  • Now compatible with Qt 4.5