Mendeley Desktop v0.9.7 Released

If you have opened Mendeley Desktop since yesterday, you will have noticed that we have a new major release available and ready for auto-update.

Among the new features and improvements we would like to mention the re-designed Document Details pane on the right-hand side.

Mendeley PDF and side pane document details

Also new to this release is the ability to upgrade your Mendeley account. By upgrading your current free account (which will always be free!) to one of our premium options, you have access to more Web space for your personal and shared collections and the possibility to collaborate with larger groups.

Mendeley upgrade plans

Overall, there have been a lot of improvements made both on the interface and functional level with clearer dialogs and information display. For our Mac users, there have been quite a few UI improvements too and the Cmd+H shortcut properly hides the window!

This release includes a few bug fixes, improvements on existing features such as faster syncing and better sticky notes, and introduces some important new features. The release notes can be seen here.

If you have suggestions for improvements please let us know by visiting the feedback forum. If you encounter any problems using Mendeley or have questions to ask please e-mail support.

11 thoughts on “Mendeley Desktop v0.9.7 Released

  1. Wonderful, the document details pane looks much better. Not cluttered like before. Great work. Along with the previous update that integrates with Mac office and the smoothening of the look of Mendeley on the mac, it has much improved my user experience!

    I really wish we could get down to solving that duplicates issue. 😐

  2. Hi!

    Yesterday I updated to v0.9.7 on my pc (running windows 7) and today on my notebook (OSX snow leopard) using the update option which pops up when mendeley desktop gets started. After the download and the installation of v0.9.7 mendeley desktop restarts and chrashes on both operating systems. To be a bit more precise: It crashes when the application tries to sychronize files and the status bar it at 30%). I never had this problem before. I already uninstalled mendeley and reinstalled it but the problem remains. Did anyone have a similar problem with the update or has an idea how to solve it?

    Best regards

  3. Good stuff, guys. Mendeley is quality software.
    However, I urge you to reconsider the Document Details design. The new approach may give a more high tech feeling but the previous one looked better and felt far more practical.

  4. I don’t understand how Shared and Shared Collections is accounted. Very confusing.

    Please explain further.

  5. Hi,
    again a nice update, thanks for that. But for some reason I still end up getting urls exported to the .bib file of my collection for non-website types of entries. I use the APS bibstyle and ticked the ‘don’t include urls’ box… Of course I tried several styles and chose the options with and without urly, but the urls always ended up in the .bib file. Do you have any hint, what’s going on there, or should I just wai fpr the next release? ; ) Would be a good and important feature for many, I guess.



  6. Hi Sebastian,

    The citation style selection box and the ‘Don’t include URLs’ option and applies to citations created using the Word/OpenOffice etc. plugins for Mendeley and not the Bibtex export. We may look at adding more flexibility over what is included in the Bibtex files in future.

    If you’re using Mac or Linux, URL entries can be filtered out of the generated Bibtex files using command-line tools:

    cat mendeley-generated-bibtex.bib | grep -v “url = ” > no-urls.bib

  7. Hi Rob,

    thanks for the quick reply. I tend to forget that some people use bibliographies without latex at all ; ) I use Mendeley on both Linux and Windows and removing the lines is not that much trouble – just was confused because I thought that this option was supposed to do exatly what I wanted. : )



  8. What happened to the tab for references contained within the pdf files? Do I need to pay for that now? If so, I seriously regret upgrading

    • Hi Curt, the references tab is currently being redesigned and optimized. It will be back in one of our next upcoming releases. It’s a temporary situation and we hope to bring it back, better than ever, very soon.

  9. Hi Guys,

    Epic stuff, thanks for making my life easier!
    If I can beg for one thing though: A plugin so that Mendeley is integrated with Microsoft Word on my MAC. Please!!!

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