A Rainbow of annotations: Colored highlighting is here!



Your results may be black and white, but your research doesn’t have to be! Mendeley now features the ability to annotate in multiple colors! How many colors? Eight different colors! Create a rainbow of annotations in your PDFs and sticky notes.

Though the bright burst of color is the one you will likely notice first, we’ve also made other changes to your reference manager to make your annotation experience quicker and more intuitive. Menus will appear at your finger tips as texts or annotations are selected, and we also added some organizing capabilities to your Web Library, with the ability to Drag ‘n’ Drop documents and folders into other folders.

The features are live as of now, so if you’re not yet seeing them, be sure you restart your application while connected to the internet, and ensure you have the latest version of Mendeley (iOS 2.90, Desktop 1.16, Android 1.8.2)

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19 thoughts on “A Rainbow of annotations: Colored highlighting is here!

  1. Great option! Now, what I really need is to copy annotations (notes + highlights) with pdf to groups. 😉

  2. Just a hint for the next update: I recently had to choose colors to differentiate dots in a chart and I came up with 12 easily distinguishable colors. You may be able to expand the choices by picking some from this list: Blue, Red, Green, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, Brown, Orange, Grey, Purple, Pink.

  3. I’m a mac desktop user and I’m finding that I cannot change the default highlight color: I must first highlight in yellow, hover over the highlight and only then can I change the color. Am I missing something horrifically obvious?

  4. Scratch my last. I had to restart my computer and it seems I have the full use of the new colors. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for that update, Mendeley team. Would look forward to more features like these. Thanks again 🙂

  6. This is a great update! Thanks! Is there any way to create a list of the highlighted texted? I am trying to export it out as a separate file, but the highlights don’t show up in any other PDF program outside of Mendeley.

  7. Why not. Has anyone come up with a color scheme now? So what should each color mean? eg. red = definitions; green = quote to use at some point; yellow = whatever I find interesting when I read the paper a first time etc etc

  8. I like the annotation tool that appear straight away and having a colour scheme. Very nice feature indeed!

    Perhaps having the ability of annotating the document with your handwriting (especially when using a tablet) would be great too!

    Thank you!

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