Meet our May Advisor of the Month!

Congratulations and thank you to Beatriz Benitez!

Beatriz BenitezBeatriz is part of our growing community of librarians who join the Advisor Community to become more involved with Mendeley and other tools used in the researcher workflow.

Beatriz earned her degree in Library and Information Science from Universitat de Barcelona in 2004 and started working in Academic Libraries in 2005, at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

“There, I really got straight to the research world. I was a research Librarian and I had to gave support mainly to Professors, Researchers and PhD,” Beatriz said. Besides learning Mendeley, Beatriz also learned how to use Refworks, EndNote, and Zotero to help understand how researchers were using reference managers. Her experiences with Refworks’ Advisor Board, representing a consortium of Catalan libraries, piqued her interest in the Mendeley Advisor Program, which was underscored with the CBUC Consortia ended their Refworks subscription to join Mendeley.

What were you using prior to Mendeley?

On 2014 all the Academic Libraries in Catalonia joined Mendeley and left the Refworks subscription. We helped with the transition easily.

Why did you decide to become an Advisor?

I wanted to join the Mendeley Advisor Program because I like to be an active member of the things I am involved in and also I think that was the way to know deeply this tool.

How have you been spreading the word about Mendeley?

Thanks to Mendeley Advisor Group we arranged this month two training sessions for students where we served pizza and drinks sponsored by Mendeley, these are the ‘Pizza, drinks and Mendeley’ sessions. They also send us a poster template and a lot of goodies such as notebooks, pens, and some really nice highlighters that everybody loved. Both sessions were really successful and we are so happy to have joined this community.

What book are you reading at the moment?

I love reading and above all, Murakami and Paul Auster novels.

Any fun fact people might be surprised to learn about you?

I also love cooking and I’m learning how to use the Thermomix device I got for Christmas.

What is the best part about being a research librarian?

From 2010 I work in Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and I love my current job because I can be closer to the user. The Library where I work is in the Campus of Baix Llobregat and we’ve got here two schools: Agriculture and Telecommunications and Aeronautics. So these are the fields where I give support on.