Mendeley 1.1 Desktop now available: Citation plugin improvements, faster web content, and more!

Update (30/09/11):  Unfortunately we’ve had a small number of users report a connectivity issue with the Mendeley Desktop v1.1 release on some Windows systems which we did not encounter during testing.  Our developers are working hard on a reliable solution to bring you the best experience possible. A Mendeley Desktop v1.1.1 release resolving the issue will be rolled out sometime in the next few days.  Until then, we’ve removed the v1.1 download from our servers, and encourage you to use the previous Mendeley Desktop v1.0.1 release instead.  We apologize to those of you affected – we will release the fix asap.  Thanks for your patience.


Mendeley 1.1 is now available. There are several notable improvements to the citation insertion functionality, as well as significant under-the-hood bugfixes and speed + appearance tweaks. You can read the full release notes here.


  • Mendeley now peacefully co-exists with Track Changes in MS Word.
  • Inserting citations and refreshing the document is much faster.
  • Watched folders now work much better on the Mac
  • Check for Duplicates decisions are now persistent

Interface tweaks include better performance of web content in the desktop client and smaller download/update sizes. Many old UI issues have also been resolved.

Please download and update to Mendeley 1.1 now.

9 thoughts on “Mendeley 1.1 Desktop now available: Citation plugin improvements, faster web content, and more!

  1. Hello, I’ve just downloaded the new desktop version available, but I have a problem: I get an error message: “Network Error Message: ‘SSL handshake failed'” and can’t synchronize my library.

    Through the web browser, I can perfectly connect to my library.

    Any idea about what is the problem?

  2. Can you please explain exactly what has been changed with regard to track changes. I am indeed noticing a very welcome improvement – namely the entire bibliography does not get marked as a deleted text and replaced with brand new text (as presented by track changes) every time a reference is added or modified. But I wonder if there are additional improvements.

  3. Hello Sergio,

    Please see the update at the top of this post and the link to the download page. You need to re-install 1.0.1 over the top of 1.1. We have been able to reproduce the problem and will release a version of 1.1 with a fix early next week.

  4. Hello osm,

    The change regarding ‘Track Changes’ is that whilst refreshing citations, the Word plugins save the state of the “Track Changes” feature, turn it off, update the citations and bibliography and then restore the state. This prevents any changes done as part of the refresh from being seen as tracked changes.

  5. I have sorted my library alphabetically by last name of first author. I noticed a small bug on version 1.1. There seems to be no problem switching between different folders that do not have subfolders. However, if I switch from between folders that do and do not possess subfolders, it jumbles my library so that it is no longer organized alphabetically. This was never a problem before. I think it may be a bug that cropped up when folders in the left-hand pane were made to be collapsed instead of open on startup.

  6. Hello, there seems to be a bug that cropped up in Mendeley 1.1. When switching between folders that have subfolders and folders that do not, the contents of the folders become misaligned. For example, if the contents are sorted alphabetically by last name of the first author, it no longer becomes alphabetical if switched between these two types of folders. This does not seem to be a problem for switch between folders that do not contain subfolders. This is probably a problem that emerged when the subfolders were made to be collapsed by default in startup.

  7. So I upgraded and then went to find a style that I’d made and saved in the Reseources folder in the Mendeley packet (in Mac OSX). Not there. Ouch. Is there any way to recover this style?


  8. > So I upgraded and then went to find a style that I’d made and saved in the
    > Resources folder in the Mendeley packet (in Mac OSX).

    Did you upgrade via the in-client auto-update or a different method? The file might be in the trash, but in general the /Applications/Mendeley Desktop/ folder belongs to Mendeley and should not be used to store your own files.

    Custom citation styles or styles downloaded in the client are saved in the Mendeley data folder. Press Cmd+Shift+D in Mendeley Desktop and click ‘Open Data Directory’ to open this folder in the finder. There is a citationStyles-1.0 folder in there where you can put custom styles.

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