Your Mendeley Web Library is changing to the new Mendeley Reference Manager

Get ready for a new and improved reference management experience.

As part of our plans to help researchers manage their references more efficiently, all Mendeley Web Libraries have migrated to the new Mendeley Reference Manager.

Your Web Library has automatically migrated, and you can now access all the features of the new system.

The new Mendeley Reference Manager offers you:

  • A cloud-based library that automatically syncs so your changes are instantly accessible across locations, devices and Mendeley tools such as the desktop app and Mendeley Cite
  • Identical functionality and appearance across Mendeley Reference Manager online and desktop that will allow you to seamlessly switch between the two versionsMRM library 2
  • Offline mode that ensures you can continue working wherever you are, and be confident that changes to your library will auto-sync when you’re back online
  • New features and functionality to help make managing your references even simpler, such as the new Mendeley Notebook which helps you collate all your highlights and notes from multiple PDFs
  • A highly stable platform that will be regularly updated with new and improved features in response to your needs and changes in technology

The desktop version of the new Mendeley Reference Manager is also available to download. Find out more and download it here! Please note, however, that Mendeley Desktop is still available for use should you wish to keep using that version.

We’re thrilled to bring you this new and improved reference management solution. Remember to sign in and check out your library’s new home.

For any questions about this migration and the new Mendeley Reference Manager, visit the Mendeley Support Center.

Mendeley Desktop v1.8 Released!

Here at Mendeley we’ve been hard at work trying to improve the product for our community, which now has well over 2 million researchers around the world. This includes a better onboarding wizard that takes new users through the tools available on the platform. The wizard also includes an expanded ‘Claim your Publications’ feature that enables Mendeley to link user profile pages to the wider catalog when they access Mendeley for the first time.

Some might say that this is one of our finest-looking desktops yet, but we’ll leave that judgment to you. As usual, we’ve focused a lot of attention in making the user experience as smooth as it can possibly be, improving looks and flow under windows 8 and fixing a few bugs, including:

  • Added options for obtaining help or checking for updates
  • More effective display of non-English text in the documents list
  • Fixed problem with crashing plugin in Word 2003 and OS X 10.5
  • Accurate progress indicator when importing large RIS, BibTeX and EndNote XML files

You can download the new v1.8 Mendeley Desktop here. This version supports Mac OSX 10.5 and above, Linux Ubuntu 10.04, Debian Squeeze or equivalent, and Windows XP SP2 or later. We hope you like the changes, but as always we really value your opinion, so don’t be shy… Let us know what you think in the UserVoice forum, and if you have any problems just contact our support team.