Our Office Is Warm!

To everyone who came out to our Office Event: a special thanks for braving the cold and warming us up.

We met lots of fun and interesting people from NYU, Columbia, SPARC, New York Academy of Sciences,  American Museum of Natural History and a few twitter invites. The night started with yummy food and delicious drink. Then Jan talked about Mendeley’s journey from an idea between friends to a research network that spans the globe. Our guests made their way over to our trivia wall for a bit of fun and before we knew it the night was over.

On behalf of the NY Team, thanks for a  great night. So great that we’re hosting more in the future. If you have any ideas about what we should do or who we should invite, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re looking forward to it!

Go and Get Your Mendeley Gear!

Our new Cafepress Store is up and running. Now you can eat, sleep, and drink in style. We’ve covered the basics: t-shirts, hoodies, magnets, mugs, etc. But Cafepress is customizable, so if you need a baby pajama for a future Mendeley user, let us know and we’ll add it to the store. And FYI, this store is for our fans, not for profit. We’re not earning commission on the items you buy.

Our Chief Scientist Jason Hoyt already has boxers. I’m definitely buying buttons. So get a Mendeley mug and drink… label side out.

Visit our store: http://www.cafepress.com/Mendeley