Engineering Top 5 Trending Papers for December 2018

During December we analysed millions of academic papers in Engineering to discover the top 5 articles being read by Mendeley users in the Engineering discipline. We believe these papers will have an impact on the influential academic papers of tomorrow.

Mendeley Trending considers the number of people reading a specific paper, the change in number of new readers within a timeframe and how recently the paper was published.

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  • Topics in this list: Photovoltaics, Natural Fibres, Sustainable Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Parkinson’s and Wearables

A) A review of transparent solar photovoltaic technologies (2049 Readers)

Energy is essential for economic development and growth. With the rapid growth of development and the drive to expand the economy, society demands more electricity…

Husain A. et al. in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (2018)


B) A review of recent developments in natural fibre composites and their mechanical performance (1166 Readers)

Recently, there has been a rapid growth in research and innovation in the natural fibre composite (NFC) area. Interest is warranted due to the advantages of these materials compared to others, such as synthetic fibre composites, including low environmental impact…

L. P. et al. in Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing (2016)


C) Opportunities of Sustainable Manufacturing in Industry 4.0 (987 Readers)

The current globalization is faced by the challenge to meet the continuously growing worldwide demand for capital and consumer goods by simultaneously ensuring a sustainable evolvement…

Stock T. et al. in Procedia CIRP (2016)


D) Additive manufacturing methods and modeling approaches: A critical review (691 Readers)

Additive manufacturing is a technology rapidly expanding on a number of industrial sectors. It provides design freedom and environmental/ecological advantages.

Bikas H. et al. in International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (2016)


E) Wearable sensors objectively measure gait parameters in Parkinson’s disease (131 Readers)

Distinct gait characteristics like short steps and shuffling gait are prototypical signs commonly observed in Parkinson’s disease. Routinely assessed by observation through clinicians, gait is rated as part of categorical clinical scores…

Johannes C.M. S. et al. in PLoS ONE (2017)


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