Share a pint with Mendeley API and Mendeley Data!


They say behind every robot is powerful data.

Okay, so maybe they don’t say that, but they probably should. That is why Mendeley API and Mendeley Data are partnering up to co-sponsor the “Tech Me Out” events during the UK Pint of Science festival.

APIs are the backbone for the connected world. They, along with the code monkeys who use them, make it possible to access vast amounts of data so you can create new insights to advance science such as discovering new drugs, designing robots for rehabilitation or analysing weather patterns on other planets.

Mendeley Data is a place where researchers can upload and share their research data for free. Datasets can be shared privately amongst individuals, as well as published to share with the world. Sharing research data is great for Science as it enables data reuse and supports reproducibility of studies. It’s also a great way to gain exposure, as every dataset has a DOI and can be cited. You can create datasets through the website at or via the API, which allows for integrations with data sources, among other things.

APIs and large data sets are used from everything from programming small robots during company hackdays to big public health uses, like the IBM Watson for Oncology, which analyses a patient’s medical information against data to aid in delivering evidence-based treatment plans.

Together, they represent powerful tools deployed by technology and wielded to solve difficult and important research questions, such as the ones posed in the “Tech Me Out” track. This is why we are proud to sponsor these events. Come out to meet us and hear some great science!

Tickets for Pint Of Science talks can be purchased through their official website.