Announcing the Mendeley Institutional Edition – powered by Swets

The new year brings some big news! We’ve partnered with Swets, a leading subscription management company, to create the Mendeley Institutional Edition. This tool will allow librarians and institutions to connect their collection directly to researchers; aid collaboration among students, professors, and colleagues; and see the impact of the institution’s research output.

Within their institutional profile, librarians can assist their users in a number of ways:

  • Upload their A-Z list of titles
  • Have teachers set up course packs to direct students to important content
  • Utilize link resolvers to facilitate speedy access paths to information
  • Increase the reach of researchers by helping them share their content
  • Discover peers in similar research fields
  • Create the library’s own citation style, or adopt a standard
  • See advanced analytics on content usage at their institution

Mendeley Institutional Edition powered by Swets also offers unique benefits for the institution:

  • Increase the institution’s reputation by showcasing the readership of the library
  • Browse the profiles and activities of institution members
  • Create an interface in which users can browse its members’ publications
  • Quickly determine how many users are using which journals
  • Identify research trends among users and use the data to inform collection development decisions.
  • All members of institutions covered by a Mendeley Institutional Edition get discounts on individual premium plans

Frans van Ette, Business Development Director at Swets, said:

The user-led working environment established by Mendeley has quickly transformed the way that research is undertaken among academic students and researchers. The Institutional Edition sees us reconnecting the knowledge, value and expertise of library staff to the researcher while simultaneously providing key information on usage trends and topics back to the institution. We’ve worked with librarians in various countries to be sure to meet their wishes.

Victor adds:

“Mendeley Institutional Edition powered by Swets enables librarians to support their researchers on a much more detailed and bespoke level than ever before. Users will be able to gain swifter access to the content they need, gain greater support from their institution overall, and open up more dynamic and collaborative ways of working, improving the valued research environment Mendeley already provides.”

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