Science and Drinks at Mendeley was a success!

Last Friday, 30 folks came over to the Mendeley offices in New York for drinks and conversation. Attendees were from all over the city, including NYU, Columbia, City University of New York, Einstein College of Medicine, and Nature Publishing’s NY. James Hedges and Umesh Rajashekar, post-docs from The Laboratory for Computational Vision at New York University spoke briefly about how they use Mendeley and how they’re trying to spread the word about us. They initially picked Mendeley because it’s cross-platform and has great annotation features, but came to realize that the social networking component is really useful for finding related research. Their main challenge has been convincing their PI and the senior post-docs who are already set in their ways that it’s worth the time to switch to Mendeley. It’s worth mentioning that two of the top 10 papers in computer science on Mendeley are on the subject of computer vision, so perhaps they’re doing a really good job!

Here’s a few pictures from the night:

Andrew and Jess in conversation.
Science & Drinks 04-29-2011

James and Umesh holding forth on the subject of Mendeley
James and Umesh

Other guests listen to James and Umesh
Science & Drinks 04-29-2011

Thanks everyone for coming. We’ll do another one of these events soon.

Were you there? Did you have any questions or comments that you didn’t get a chance to get in? Let us know in the comments below.