New Web Release – Search Edition. Group search, better OA search and more!

This week’s update to Mendeley Web has a some search enhancements that should make it a little easier to find things on Mendeley Web. The main addition is search for groups. Now that we have over 50,000 groups created by people sharing research on a topic with their colleagues, publishing curated lists, or just having a bit of fun, finding groups by invitation or through your contacts’ profiles isn’t quite enough.

searchbox screenshotNow you can search through people, papers, and groups, using the same search box.Group Search Name ScreenshotYou can even search for a person’s name to see what public groups they’re members of.

In addition to the group search enhancements, we’ve also made some changes to how the OA search works. Now you can see at a glance which items in search results are available in full text, just by looking for the little OA icon next to search results.

Other changes/fixes this week include:

  • API fixes
  • iphone fixes
  • usability improvements to groups and catalog pages
  • lots more under the hood…

One thought on “New Web Release – Search Edition. Group search, better OA search and more!

  1. It’ great that you updated the website.
    But: I personally think – and I am sure that I am not alone – that the place to discover papers, read them, annotate them is the iPad (and other tablets, when they appear). Reading a paper on a computer is very awkward, is it not? Let alone annotate it, selecting with point-and-click. I personally would rather print something out and annotate it with a real pen and highlighter than blind myself looking at a computer screen the whole day.

    It’s great to have a citation manager for when you’re writing a paper, but the whole process of reading and studying is better done on paper-like devices.

    For this reason I wish that Mendeley could be more open about their plans for iPad development. Your competitors are very aware of the importance of tablets and have taken more substantial steps to inform their customers about their plans. Mendeley so far has only made rather vague promises and hints about what they may do, and there is no real communication with the user base.

    I hope you can keep up with the good work and expand your focus to tablet computers.

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