Mendeley Desktop v0.9.5 released

The main priority is still to polish existing features by fixing a lot of usability issues and bugs. We also continue working on speed and stability and rest assured – work on the Mac Word Plugin has now officially been started. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an alpha version ready for testing.

Improvements to Existing Features:

  • Improved concurrent editing of documents by multiple users. Tags and keywords changes are now merged correctly and conflict resolution is improved.
  • Add support for disambiguating citations in Word and OpenOffice.
  • Improve the performance of bibliography generation and citation insertion in Word and OpenOffice.
  • Mendeley Desktop can now import PDF, BibTeX and RIS files which do not have the .pdf, .bib or .ris file extension. Mendeley Desktop will attempt to guess the type of the file in this case.
  • Support for importing .txt files which may contain references in various formats.
  • Support importing of month field from BibTeX where month name is not enclosed in quotes or braces.
  • HTML attachments are now indexed for full text search (note that this will not apply to existing attachments).
  • Show a wizard on first run offering to set up word processor integration.
  • Clearer formatting of dates in the table view.
  • Add support for superscript and subscript formatting of in-line citations.
  • Add a menu item to toggle the visiblity of the right-hand Document Details pane.
  • Support for additional fields and document types in BibTeX import and export.
  • Support for additional document types in RIS import and export.
  • Show different icons in the table view depending on the file type, number of files attached to a document and whether the file is stored locally or downloadable from the web.
  • Automatically enable the ‘Citation Key’ field in the Document Details pane when BibTeX syncing is enabled.
  • Support for importing file links from EndNote XML files (currently tested with EndNote X2, X3 XML files).
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for moving between tabs, creating folders and toggling the Document Details pane.
  • Clearer messages in the Word and plugins.
  • When importing PDFs through the ‘Watched Folders’ feature, the existing library is searched for duplicates of imported documents.
  • Improved performance of first PDF import after starting Mendeley.
  • (Mac) Mendeley Desktop offered to install the NeoOffice plugin even when NeoOffice was not installed.
  • (Linux) Add a README file to the generic Linux version of Mendeley Desktop.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed various hangs and crashes on exit when background services (such as the file organiser) were enabled.
  • The location of the Zotero database was not auto-detected if Firefox was not using the default profile.
  • Hyperlinks in PDF documents did not work reliably.
  • Fix crash when opening certain invalid PDF documents.
  • Removed non-working support for unchecking sub-folders of a watched folder.
  • Import documents directly into the ‘My Publications’ collection did not work.
  • Progress of syncing operations is now shown as a percentage instead of number of documents and citations updated.
  • Fix a bug where document addition date/times were stored in local time internally and would be incorrect after a timezone or daylight savings change.
  • The document type combo-box now updates correctly after a DOI/Arxiv/PubMed lookup.
  • Improved syncing performance.
  • ‘Copy LaTeX Citation’ menu command now generates a citation key for the selected document(s) if necessary.
  • Application interface could hang whilst performing a database upgrade or repair.
  • Search index could go out of date causing documents which should match the search keywords not to be found.
  • Search did not always find all relevant full text matches.
  • Auto-update checks did not work properly in release candidate versions.
  • (Mac) The account password field was cleared when opening the preferences dialog.

Feedback and Support

If you have suggestions for improvements please let us know by visiting the feedback forum at If you encounter any problems using Mendeley or have questions to ask please email

13 thoughts on “Mendeley Desktop v0.9.5 released

  1. We do have an auto-update service in place for all platforms but set it live only a couple of days after we upload the latest version. It will be available next week.

  2. quote:
    Add keyboard shortcuts for moving between tabs, creating folders and toggling the Document Details pane.
    :end quote

    The new version is great! However, i cannot figure out how to “move between tabs”, it is not mentioned in the manual, on the FAQ page or in the menus.

  3. @Kati: I guess we should document that somewhere:

    Pressing Ctrl+Tab takes you to the next tab (where next is defined by the order that they’re open in going from left to right). Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Tab takes you to the previous tab.

  4. Perfect! Thank you so much!

    Yes, it would be nice if you mentioned this somewhere in the “Getting Started” – there are so many ways in which this function has been already implemented in other applications – Alt+[num], Ctrl+[num] and so on.

  5. Great, thanks a lot!

    One question though… how do we delete tags?? The ‘delete’ key doesn’t seem to do anything and no documents are showing up when I select some tags, which implies to me that tags don’t automatically disappear after a document is deleted or re-tagged.

    I’ll be waiting for the auto-update to take effect, so if this is addressed in this version (I don’t think I saw it above), then pay no heed.

    Thanks again!

  6. Hi Andrew,

    This issue sounds like a bug which was fixed in 0.9.5 (so it shouldn’t happen in the future for anyone using this version onwards) whereby the indexes that Mendeley Desktop keeps for presenting this list and searching through would show the wrong information.

    You can manually fix this by having Mendeley Desktop regenerate your search indexes by first locating the folder in which your database is stored, as per From here, ensure Mendeley Desktop is closed and then delete the “Metadata Index” folder. Now, when you next open Mendeley Desktop it will regenerate this data, and subsequently maintain it correctly so that issues like this don’t reoccur.

    Hope this helps! If you’ve any other support enquieries, feel free to drop us an email at

  7. you guys should consider the ability to create “sub-collections” within pre-existing collections. As well as other organization measures. Thanks!

  8. Hello guys!

    I’m very pleased with the new version, especially the “save without mendeley fields” option.
    Although, for me there is a slight problem related to the bibliography style.

    In the previous version the bibliography was like this:

    Kheira, Abdrabbo A Abou, and Nahed M M Atta. 2009. Response of Jatropha
    curcas L. to water deficits: Yield, water use efficiency and oilseed
    characteristics. Biomass and Bioenergy 33: 1343-1350.

    And now it’s like this:

    Kheira, Abdrabbo A Abou, and Nahed M M Atta. 2009. Response of Jatropha curcas L. to water deficits: Yield, water use efficiency and oilseed characteristics. Biomass and Bioenergy 33: 1343-1350. doi:10.1016/j.biombioe.2008.05.015.

    I prefer the first option better than the second. It would be very useful to have an option to try out different bibliography styles.

    A merry Christmas for you all!

  9. Hi there,
    First thing first, this program is awesome! It has helped a lot with my graduate works! Thanks! But there is one thing that I seemed to be keep encountering:

    After the opening the program, how do I properly close it? If I try to re-open it after closing the program (without shutting down my computer), the program will crash and stop running. If I close it, and then shut down my computer; when I start the program next time I turn on my computer, it will say that it has crashed on the previous session.

    Any help would be great!

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