Mendeley invites you to ‘Open Office Friday’

Since we are getting closer to releasing version 1.0, we were discussing how to get even more detailed feedback from our users than we currently get through our support system.

Being able to chat with you guys face-to-face would obviously be best so we said: lets try it and do an ‘Open Office Feedback Session’. Meaning that everyone who is interested can drop in to our offices in Clerkenwell and talk to different members of the team and tell us face-to-face what you like to see improved or added to Mendeley. You can also bring your notebooks and show us directly what’s not working for you or which feature you would like to do differently.

Mendeley office

Your feedback is very valuable to us so as a thank you we would serve drinks and snacks at our office which we could even have on our roof terrace if the weather will allow it, probably not – lets face it :).

If you’re interested, please drop us an email at We’re looking forward to meeting you!

6 thoughts on “Mendeley invites you to ‘Open Office Friday’

  1. What a wonderful idea. The only thing that makes my visit impossible is the distance between my home town and London: Only a few thousand kilometers. 😦

    But nevertheless: This is customer support!

  2. Sounds great and hope this goes well. Having already been there, done it and got the t-shirt (literally), I’ll skip on this one, thanks.

    Not the easiest of offices to find, IMO. As such, I would suggest providing a map/directions to those interested in coming to visit you 😉

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