Mendeley Desktop v0.9.1 released

This update addresses a number of issues with Mendeley Desktop v0.9.0.:

Improvements to Existing Features

  • Automatic Pubmed/Crossref title search during metadata extraction if no identifiers (DOI, ArXiv, PMID) are found
  • Hide the notification bar asking for login details when applicable
  • Improved the presentation of search results
  • Added tooltips to the document list for items that aren’t displayed in full
  • Improved detection and handling of unsuccessful responses from Mendeley Web during a sync
  • Increased stability of the internal PDF viewer (more work is to follow on this)
Bug Fixes
  • Enable lookups from Google Scholar to verify document details
  • Fixed a crash when account details were entered or changed
  • Fixed an issue with file links being lost for documents in watched folders
  • Fixed an issue where multiple copies of a note would be added when editing several documents at once
  • Fixed an issue that prevented exporting libraries as BibTeX format
  • Fixed an issue related to closing Mendeley Desktop during a document import
  • A small number of other minor bug fixes that affected the overall stability
  • Fixed a problem with the system PATH variable when installing the Word plugin

Besides releasing a new version of Mendeley Desktop we also updated our catalog of research papers, the people directory, public collection pages, and the online library.

Now you’re also able to import articles from APA PsycNET, IACR ePrints, and RePEc.

To see what has changed in previous updates of Mendeley visit our release notes page.

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