Mendeley Desktop v0.6.5 released

After putting the installers on our website last week we now set the auto-update for Windows, Mac and Linux as well. This update adds integration with on Windows, fixes several file organiser problems as well as various bugs reported by users. Work is under way on the next update which will include an integrated PDF viewer and many usability improvements to the user interface.

New Features:

  • integration on Windows. To setup the plugin, restart Mendeley after installing the update and select Tools -> Install OpenOffice Plugin integration for Linux will be coming soon.

Improvements to Existing Features:

  • Conversion between LaTeX commands for accents and equivalent unicode characters when importing from or exporting to Bibtex
  • Add clickable link under URLs field to open current URL in a browser
  • Add link in Tools menu to install the website importer in your browser which lets you easily import citations from popular websites such as Amazon, Google Scholar and PLoS

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for various problems when installing the Word plugin
  • Abstract field was not filled in when clicking PubMed lookup button in metadata tab
  • Fixed problem where file organiser did not always respect ‘sort into subfolders’ setting correctly
    on Windows
  • Fixed problem where file organiser could get stuck in an infinite loop, repeatedly copying the same files
  • Show more accurate progress information when organising files
  • Fix author extraction sometimes stripping out lower-case name parts such as ‘van’, ‘der’ etc.
  • Fixed problem on Windows where folder monitoring tried to re-import documents which had been explicitly removed from within Mendeley
  • After sorting the library view, the wrong metadata was shown in the right-hand pane
  • Improved RIS importer’s support for several non-standard fields
  • Fixed crash if a problem occurred loading the data files which support the metadata extraction algorithms
  • Export user’s notes to ‘annote’ rather than ‘note’ field in Bibtex to prevent the problem where the user’s reading notes could appear as part of the formatted citation in the rendered Latex document. Also import ‘comments’ field into the notes field in Mendeley.

If you have suggestions for improvements please let us know by visiting the feedback forum. If you encounter any problems using Mendeley or have questions to ask please email

20 thoughts on “Mendeley Desktop v0.6.5 released

  1. Hi, 0.6.5 is only available as generic package for linux. Will you provide specific packages for distros (ubuntu intrepid in my case) or should I use the generic?


  2. Yes, the specific Linux packages should be available on the website later today.

  3. Hello,
    Are the distro. specific packages available for 0.6.5 yet ? I don’t seem to be able to dl them from the website. ?

    Thanks, again, for an amazing product…

  4. Sorry, had some further problems with the specific v0.6.5 Linux packages. Had successful builds at the end of the day but would like to give them a final test run in the morning. I’ll drop you a line once uploaded Naveen.


  5. Paul, and Victor,
    Thanks so much guys…. i mean 6 years doing a phd has made me cynical if nothing else, of the tons of miserable excuses for software out there and so it means a real lot when i say that I have been hooked on mendeley since V5.8 and it absolutely ROCKS …

  6. Hi guys. I love this app. It’s changed the way I do research, but I have to say that you’re killing me here. I’m dying for the 0.6.5 binary releases. You said they’d be ready on the 13th…I’m going crazy. I check several times a day. Please, please, please

  7. Hi,

    Depending on which distribution you’re running, the generic linux packages may work for you.

    Slackware, Slamd64, Debian, and Ubuntu packages were rebuilt today, and hopefully (subject to testing) will be uploaded tomorrow.

    We’ve been having problems as Mendeley Desktop 0.6.5 depends on Qt 4.5, which isn’t included in most distributions yet.

    For deb/RPM-based distributions, we’ll be putting up repositories which include Mendeley Desktop, and Qt 4.5.1 packages that coexist (and don’t interfere with) system qt4 installations; we’ve been having issues packaging mendeley desktop so that it works with either a normal qt 4.5.1 installation, or with ours, but these are hopefully fixed now.

    We’re still working on the RPM packaging, but hopefully that won’t be too long.

  8. Hey, sorry to post this here as a comment, please feel free to move it elsewhere if necessary ….

    I have a question… it is often the case that people already have a simplistic and rudimentary classification scheme for their references based on folders. It would be very useful to allow the user to filter based on the folder in which the papers are stored (in addition to author, tags etc) …it would especially help to manually enter data for papers that are incorrectly imported into Mendeley. Is there some scheme to do this already ? (as in not an explicit filter, but some way to view only files in a particular folder ?) … i posted this as a “feature request” but then thought maybe there is some way to do this already and I simply haven’t noticed it yet.. ?

  9. Hi. I found your application very useful, but now I am using Ubuntu Jaunty jackalope. Will a .deb package for this ubuntu be released ?

  10. Thank you very much for Mendeley. I have been using it for a few months now and I really like it a lot.
    I have the same question Antonio has – I am now using Ubuntu Jaunty and there is neither a .deb package nor Jaunty repository. When can we expect to see any one of those (deb package or repository) for Jaunty be released?

  11. Hi there

    I recently joined Mendeley web, ’cause I read very positive reviews about the software. I downloaded the Windows version at work, but there are problems with the proxy configuration and couldn’t make it work.
    Now I tried to download at home, but I’m on Kubuntu 9.04 (KDE 4.2.3 and QT 4.5.0) and there’s no repositories for this version yet. Are you planning a .deb package or repositories for Jaunty?

  12. I can’t seem to get the

    […]. Also import ‘comments’ field into the notes field in Mendeley.

    Part to work – i.e. i have a bibtex field called comments, but it isn’t imported to the mendeley desktop app – any ideas? 🙂

  13. Hi to all ….

    Mendeley is GREAT …. I can’t imagine to manage research papers without Mendeley …..

    But what about Mendeley Desktop 0.6.5 for Fedora ???
    When will be the RPM package will be available ???
    Please provide it soon …..

  14. Hi Arvind,

    It’s really great to hear that you’re enjoying using our software! Unfortunately we do not currently package builds for Fedora, and it’s not currently on the roadmap for the next release. Once we finish being labelled beta though, we are looking to support a lot more distros, until then I can only suggest that you try out our “generic” linux builds which should work fine.

    Sorry for the inconvenience here.


  15. Any news on rpm package. Cannot get the generic one working on Fedora.
    I have whatever the latest dfesktop version is.

  16. Frank – I would recommend talking to our support team (support@mendeley) and they should be able to help you.

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