Release update

A couple of days ago we released our latest update of Mendeley. Details about feature improvements and bug fixes of Mendeley Desktop v0.6.4 can be found in my last blog entry, but I thought I just mention some of the improvements in Mendeley Web:

  • Improved grouping in online library
  • Introducing a simple document search
  • Support of two new sites for easy import (SpringerLink and WorldCat)
  • Duplicate detection for bookmarklet import

Next on the list for Mendeley Web is introducing group and network pages which are overdue for a long time. We are also working on a new site design which we’ll announce in a separate post soon.

Happy Easter! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Release update

  1. Thank you very much for your wonderful software. I’ve recently moved from bibus to zotero, and I missed two things in zotero – good parsing of PDFs and simple synchronization. Both are implemented in Mendeley, which made me happy. However, Mendeley lacks two things in which zotero is strong: wide list of sites from where pdfs and citations can be downloaded (I need, eg, BioMedCentral, Elsevier etc), and the option of saving any web-page with one click. Should both be added to Mendeley, I would definitely move to it, as the interface is also perfect!

    • Hi Ilia,

      thank you for your feedback! Both of the things you mentioned are already planned – on top of it, we’ll be offering synchronization with Zotero soon. So you could keep capturing web sites in Zotero, and have it automatically synced to Mendeley!

      Best wishes,

  2. Will the option of saving any web-page with one click also be added to Mendeley. I would like to give up Zotero and not use both in paralell.

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