Update for "About us" and "Support"

If you haven’t seen it yet, go and have a look – we’ve updated Mendeley.com! We’ve created two new sections in which we hope to give you a bit more information about us and to provide better support for the fast-growing Mendeley community.

About Us

Here you can learn more about Mendeley and all the magnificient people who are helping build it. And this doesn’t even include our Community Liaisons, interns, Lead Users, and all the other supporters we have world-wide.

We’ve also created a little showcase to display the awards we’ve won recently (yeah, reasonably proud of it… but we have to say that this is also due to all of your incredibly helpful user feedback which just makes Mendeley better with every release!). As you can also see in this section, many large universities have either recommended or linked to us, and we’ve already had many good reviews talking about Mendeley.

As you may also remember, we recently published some teaching materials. Hopefully our new “Spread the word” section is an even easier way for you to access these now. Let us know if this is helpful for you and how we can further improve this!


In our new support section we help you to get started with Mendeley. You will also find our FAQ has been slightly redesigned. To get in touch with our support team (the “Stability Liberation Front” & “Mean to Bugs, Kind to Ponies” guys) to report a bug or to request a feature, visit our feedback forum. Watch out though, we are currently planning to set up a more extensive and detailed online manual for Mendeley. This manual will be wiki based too, so you can also become active and share your hints! Phew… ah, and the next release is also not far away…

Enjoy the new pages!