Mendeley users can now use CatchApp to track their updates on the go


Catchapp 2

You probably know that Mendeley has an open API that lets 3rd party developers build apps that work with the platform (we have over 300 of them so far!) to offer our users even more useful tools and services.

One such app is a push notification service called CatchApp, which lets you keep track of all your updates – including Mendeley – in one feed. If you’re tempted to try it, Mendeley users can get a larger update quota at a discount. All you need to do is enter the code “mendeley” after signing up.

Here are some more details from the CatchApp developers, and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the app feel free to leave a comment or tweet them @getcatchapp

Working in a research group can be a hassle sometimes. Collecting information, organizing references and writing papers is a highly collaborative task. Especially when it comes to remote collaboration, transparency about who’s doing what in the project is key. That’s what CatchApp is all about. It’s the easiest way to catch up with everything your team is working on.

Mendeley has recently been added to CatchApp’s collection of integrated apps. It brings you one feed where you can follow updates in your connected apps. Whether it’s new references in shared Mendeley groups or updates on your recent paperwork in Google Drive or Dropbox, CatchApp sends push notifications to your iOS device, keeping you informed on the go.

This is the type of information that CatchApp shows you with each Mendeley update:




Integrated apps

Supported apps include Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Evernote, Box, Trello, Basecamp, Podio, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, Bitbucket, Zendesk, Highrise, Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, SkyDrive, Mendeley, Lighthouse, Twitter, and RSS feeds.

Don’t Miss the Technology and Research Mendeley Masterclass at Social Media Week!

SMW London badge v2

This Thursday the 26th September, Mendeley’s Co-founder Jan Reichelt will get together with 8 other innovators from the Open Knowledge Foundation, Zooniverse, Elsevier, Indiegogo, Team Cooper, The Lancet, JoVE and the Mobile Collective to discuss the many ways that technology can change, facilitate and improve things for researchers everywhere.

From “The Article of the Future” and the power of crowdfunding to enable research, to videos that enhance reproducibility and games that harness the power of crowds to solve some of the world’s most difficult scientific challenges, there’s certainly going to be a lot of food for thought…

We’re going to be right at the heart of all the activity in Social Media HQ which will also host events by the likes of Facebook, Nokia, Pinterest, Twitter and Google to name but a few. Spaces at the venue are extremely limited and you have to hold a VIP Pass to attend, but you can watch the event for free and live from wherever you are by following the live streaming link.

If you have any questions, comments or thoughts you’d like to put to the panel, do get in touch! You can leave a comment here, email me on  or Tweet using the hashtag #smwSciTech

How-to series: Connect your Mendeley account to your Twitter account [part 11 of 12]

Everyone is using Twitter these days. It’s a great way to communicate and keep up to date with your social network of friends and interests. Therefore, we thought you’d be interested in being able to hook up your Mendeley and Twitter account so that folks can keep up with your research interests and output.

Just follow these simple steps and you should have your Mendeley account connected to your Twitter account in no time.

  1. Log into Mendeley Web (
  2. Go to the account details section.
  3. Mendeley Web - Account Details

  4. Then select the Sharing/Importing tab.
  5. Mendeley Web - Account Details - Sharing/Importing

  6. Click on the “Connect” button. You will be sent to Twitter’s website so that you can authorize the connection. (Don’t worry, we do not have access to your Twitter details, that’s why you are sent to their website!)
  7. Authorize Mendeley on Twitter

  8. You’ll be sent back to Mendeley after approving the connection on Twitter’s site.
  9. You can now select which activities you perform in Mendeley will be tweeted in your Twitter account. Simply check or uncheck the boxes you want and click “Update settings”.
  10. Twitter-Mendeley Settings

Here’s an example of a tweet of someone adding a new publication to their “My Publications” folder:

So there you go, you can now have Mendeley automatically tweet selected bits of your Mendeley activity. We look forward to reading your tweets!

Here are the previous entries in this twelve part How-to series:

We're approaching 100 Million document uploads! Tweet papers to win. [UPDATED]

Excitement levels are high at Mendeley this month because we’ve got several momentous milestones coming up – the release of Mendeley 1.0, crossing 1 million users, and 100 Million document uploads. We’d like to invite you to share in this moment with us by tweeting papers from the Mendeley Research Catalog, using the hashtags #mendeley #100M. Every paper you tweet enters you in a drawing to win a Solar System package free for one year. Tweet as many papers as you like – each tweet counts as a separate entry in our drawing!Read More »

New Web Release: Twitter integration and API fixes

A useful way to keep your contacts up to date on what you’re doing online is to have services tweet out your activity. Now Mendeley will send tweets on your behalf if you add a publication to the “My Publications” folder or comment or like something in a public group newsfeed. You can activate this on your Account Settings page and pick and choose which activities you’d like to have tweeted on your behalf.
Twitter Integration

Another small but useful change is the addition of permalinks to activity feed items, making it easier to call attention to a specific item in the feed. You’ll find those attached to the date for each item. We’ve also made lots of under-the-hood fixes and improvements to the API. Please note that with this release, we’re also officially dropping support for IE6.

Announcing the Mendeley Haiku Contest #mendeleyhaiku

‘Lost in citation, APA or MLA, Shown with Mendeley’

We asked our Mendeley Advisors to submit a haiku on their Advisor application and the material that was submitted was so impressive we thought we would open up submissions to the wider Mendeley community. If you’re a poet (whether you know it or not), send us a tweet including #mendeleyhaiku or post on our Facebook page and we’ll add it to our collection. To make it a little more fun, we’ll pick a winner and feature their haiku on this blog, twitter, and our Facebook page. We’ll also give the best scholarly poet to enter our competition the item of their choice from our Cafepress page, and a premium account for ten of their friends who aren’t using Mendeley yet.

Scoring will be based on the number of retweets or likes of the post. Haiku should follow the traditional form and must include the #mendeleyhaiku hashtag or be posted to our Facebook page to enter.

DEADLINE is February 14th, so get your creative juices flowing!