Organization without aggravation: Quick tips for managing your research library

All research projects involve two types of activity; work that generates novel information that makes a positive contribution to the world’s store of knowledge and notifying the world about said novel discovery. In the future, researchers will be able to keep working away at the first kind of activity and intelligent agents will follow behind them collecting that information, adding context and provenance, and streaming it to the worldwide knowledge collective. Today, researchers have to do this part themselves and I don’t think I’m overgeneralizing when I say it’s one of the least favorite parts of the research life. Short of the “generating great ideas for you” feature that’s coming in the next release (ahem), it’s the area that we at Mendeley can most effectively target to make research more efficient. I’m going to share with you a couple quick tips to take some of the aggravation and administrative overhead out of organization.Read More »