Say congrats to the Haiku contest winner, Dr. Stewart Dods!

Handy evergreen
Leading the reference scene
Mendeley on screen

We ran a contest for a few months asking our Mendeley Advisors to submit a haiku on their Advisor application and then taking submissions from the Mendeley community at large. Dr. Stewart Dods won with the above haiku. We were well impressed at the level of erudition and subtlety among our community and hope everyone had as much fun with it as we did.

Congratulations to Dr. Dods. Here he stands by his 20 L biofermenter, ready to grow some fabulous Fab’-secreting E.coli.Read More »

Announcing the Mendeley Haiku Contest #mendeleyhaiku

‘Lost in citation, APA or MLA, Shown with Mendeley’

We asked our Mendeley Advisors to submit a haiku on their Advisor application and the material that was submitted was so impressive we thought we would open up submissions to the wider Mendeley community. If you’re a poet (whether you know it or not), send us a tweet including #mendeleyhaiku or post on our Facebook page and we’ll add it to our collection. To make it a little more fun, we’ll pick a winner and feature their haiku on this blog, twitter, and our Facebook page. We’ll also give the best scholarly poet to enter our competition the item of their choice from our Cafepress page, and a premium account for ten of their friends who aren’t using Mendeley yet.

Scoring will be based on the number of retweets or likes of the post. Haiku should follow the traditional form and must include the #mendeleyhaiku hashtag or be posted to our Facebook page to enter.

DEADLINE is February 14th, so get your creative juices flowing!