Mendeley has been nominated as 'Global Ass Kicker' – Help us win at the Europas!

The Europas are the main European awards for Internet startups, selected by an Advisory board chaired by Mike Butcher from TechCrunch EU & decided by voting from the industry. They’re awarded annually on November 17th, with the winner getting recognition for all their hard work over the past year, as well as a £50,000 convertible loan, so there’s only a short time to vote. Go here and vote for the great startups featured here. We’re at the bottom of the page under the category, “The Europas Hero Award – Kicking Ass Globally From Europe”.


Vote early, vote often!

Mendeley makes the list as one of Europe's Top 100 start-ups!

Telegraph Top 100The Telegraph recently announced their list of Europe’s Top 100 startups and we’re so pleased to have made the list, in the Education category. We’ve won quite a few awards already, but we’re particularly pleased to be on this list, as it was compiled by some of the top venture capitalists and tech executives from Europe and Silicon Valley. We believe we can change how research is done, so it’s a great affirmation to hear that others also believe in the work we’re doing.

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Our "The Guardian" week

Just some good news to finish off a week full of work: Today Vic Keegan, a technology journalist veteran from The Guardian, visited Mendeley’s headquarters in Clerkenwell and did an interview with Victor and me. For us, that capped a completely surprising “The Guardian” week – this is how things happened:

MiniBar follow-up

After seeing us present at MiniBar, Vic wrote some very nice words about Mendeley in his weekly technology column:

“Standing out among a slew of interesting five-minute pitches was, billed as an iTunes for scientific research papers, which again prompted the ultimate compliment – why didn’t someone think of that before? You can manage your own research papers from any computer and search others and link up with other researchers. No wonder that some of the world’s major universities have already signed up. The founders point out that public research papers reflect the science of two years ago, and if that gap could be cut down it could have a big impact on economic growth.”

MiniBar was a great event anyway, but such feedback is the icing on the cake!

Update – here is another Guardian article about Mendeley: “How inspired a scientific breakthrough”

Mendeley on #6 of top 100 tech media companies

Even more thrillingly, on the 7th of September Mendeley appeared on #6 in the list of the Top 100 Tech Media Companies, put together by The Guardian and Europe Unlimited. To celebrate, we took the whole team to a very nice Korean restaurant for dinner, and a pub for one, two, three… drinks afterwards (you can see some pictures in our photostream on Flickr). We’re going to present Mendeley at the TMI event on 1st October at 11am – so come by and say hi (if you want to drop by before, use our Open Office Friday next week)!


Interview with Vic Keegan / The Guardian

And then today, to finish off our “The Guardian” week, Vic did the following interview with us (listen here or below) – gosh, it sounds too strange to hear yourself talking! All in all a very intense but rewarding week – now I’m looking forward to the weekend!