Webinar Thursday 23 June – Creating a good research data management plan

Thursday 23 June, 2016 – 15.00 CET, 14.00 BST, 09.00 EDT
Duration: 45 min

Increasingly, funders require researchers to submit a data management plan – a document describing how data will be acquired, treated and preserved during and after a research project – when they apply for a grant.

Beyond funding, good research data management helps researchers save time and efforts whilst running experiments. It is also of value to the wider scientific community, as well-organised data can be further analysed by other researchers.

This online lecture, produced in collaboration with the Dutch TechCentre for Life Sciences will address the following topics:

What is a data management plan?
When do you need a data management plan?
Why is research data management important?
What are the FAIR principles?
Attending this lecture will equip you with the knowledge to start your own research data management plan and get the most out of your data. The presentation will be followed by a Questions & Answers session.

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4 thoughts on “Webinar Thursday 23 June – Creating a good research data management plan

  1. Please, for those who didn’t attend the webinar, is there a way to have it offline

    • Yes, Even if you sign up now.. you will get redirected to a page with all past events. Once there click on the Data management one and you will see a small video graphic in the page.

      Click the play button and listen in! I just signed up myself (on July 15) and am listening in to the audio right now!

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