Researchers’ Choice Communication Award – recognising the Next Generation

167065699_5b25d67e29Did you know that James Watson was just 25 years old when he discovered the double helix structure of DNA with Frances Crick (who was also a doctoral student at the time)? Or that Albert Einstein published his Theory of Special Relativity paper in the same year he received his doctorate, aged 26?

Innovative, dynamic young researchers are the key to sustaining the UK’s knowledge-based economy – and who knows, maybe even discovering a cure for cancer.

It’s not always an easy road, and for many in the early stages of their career, publishing in a reputable journal is just the first hurdle. Researchers are now required to be communicators. To find their way in a crowded arena – you need visibility; and a fresh-faced breed of researchers is now embracing traditional and digital platforms to shout about their science.

DR6934_ELS_YRA_V15We want to recognise these young researchers for the role they are playing in advancing research and human knowledge. So we’re calling on you – the research community – to nominate peers, colleagues or friends that you know have gone above and beyond the publication of their research paper, and used any kind of public activity to address misleading information about scientific or medical issues; bring sound evidence to bear in a public or policy debate or helped people to make sense of a rather complex scientific issue.

There are no restrictions on what or how, we only ask that they are currently living in the UK, affiliated with a UK university and began publishing no earlier than 2012.

Simply visit the dedicated Mendeley group and enter the researcher’s name, age, institute and the reason for the nomination, along with links to supporting evidence such as a blog, Twitter account or YouTube video.

We then encourage all nominees (and their nominators) to invite peers and colleagues to ‘like’ their nomination post – those posts with the most likes will make the shortlist, which will be put in front of our specially selected judging panel.

And did we mention that the winner will receive £1,500?! Nominations are open until midnight on 30 September, so not long left, and the winner will be announced at an event in London on 5th November.