Maitumelo! September Advisor of the Month – Joseph "Josphat" Joseph

GRADUATION DAYMaitumelo to Joseph, September’s Advisor of the month. Joseph is a Librarian with the University of Botswana.

Joseph completed his first degree (BSc Computing) with at Botho University in-collaboration with Open University UK, before moving to University of Botswana to further career on Librarianship. Subsequently, he became an assistant librarian with Botho University in Botswana for 2 years, where he gained his first experience in Librarianship and professional research. Joseph is now at the University of Botswana.

How did you get into your field and what is your research story?
Very interesting, the love of books, reading, news, journals resulted in me becoming a librarian not computer technician as per my academic training. During my academic training, there was a module known as Information Search & Analysis Skills (ISAS), to fulfil the requirements of this module, one needed to do a lot of current research and trending issues on the market. So it was a challenge to a lot of us, so I decided to dedicate my weekends on research, I became the best, my deans recognised my hard-work and started giving me part time jobs as research assistant on their own research work. The more money came in, the more the love for research grew. I was then introduced to Zotero to assist me in managing my references, pdf articles and bibliographic information. It was a challenge, even the Dean was a novice to it, I had to learn it, I had to look for better tools. My cousin, who was by then a PHD student at Edinburgh Scotland via Skype, introduced me to Endnote to ease my part time job as research assistant. Interesting!! I gained more recognition, i became the God of research in my university, it was cash-in every time. This is the same passion that gained me a job opportunity when i graduated. Until now i am research even if i have not yet published a paper so far (only co-authored in two papers that a currently under review with some journal), i assist a lot of professors, PHD’s, Bachelors, Dr’s to do well in their research. I think my passion is to see research successful. I help people manage their own research.

On my line-of duty, supporting research at a librarian point of view, I realized a lot of loop-holes in the research management tools we have been using; therefore, I compared three tools that can best suit my clients. Mendeley became the better best option to go for. I started learning it, on my own, with YouTube and manuals on the website and practicals, eventually i managed to draw a customised manual which can meet my client’s research needs.

Where do you do your research/work the best? What kind of environment suits you? 
Supporting research means my office receives research titles from Students of all levels including staff (PhD’s and professors) and do a literature search and build a library for them and also train them how to manage their own research. These require a very quiet place like a library with glass made office so that one can see incoming clients. That’s exactly how my office is- Quite, welcoming, controlled climate and exciting!


How long have you been on Mendeley?
I have known Mendeley for almost 3 years.

How does Mendeley influence your research?
Mendeley has made my job so easy to manage because it is:
• Easy to use
• User friendly
• Its up-to-date
• Keeps its users and trainers on board all the time
• Responds to queries promptly
• It is technology advanced.

Why did you decide to become an Advisor and how are you involved with the program?
I registered to be user of Mendeley then I was given an offer to become an advisor which i quickly acted upon, i joined the advisory group. I believe am still at the learning curve, i learn everyday on Mendeley group, i also put advisory where i think it’s necessary.

What academic/researcher/librarian would you like to work with or meet, dead or alive?
o I want to be given the chance to bench mark with other researchers/librarians who have an extensive experience on Mendeley.

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What book are you reading at the moment and why?
The Bible. I love God.
Research Text Books. To do well my professional research life.
Electronic Engineering. Preparing for the next academic year, I will be pursuing MSc Electronic Engineering.
How to Get Rich! To get rich and help those who a disadvantage.

What is the best part about working in research?
Meeting different people of different levels with different research needs; seeing research articles I helped in, and getting published in a reputable journal; seeing Ph.D students graduate and others getting promotions because I laid my hand of assistance on their research work; and making my office a Research Hub is the best part ever working in research.

And the worst/most challenging part about working in research?
The worst is when a client brings their titles while they are due for submission. Extra time will be needed to get it done on time. Very straining but thanks to Mendeley, it makes it for me!!!

What is the one thing you want people to know about Mendeley?
The worst is when a client brings their titles while they are due for submission. Extra time will be needed to get it done on time. Very straining but thanks to Mendeley, it makes does for me!!!