Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 17.13.22 “KNOW“ was the theme of the recently TEDxMRU (Vilnius, Lithuania), with the tag line: KNOW how to be present and ready for the future NOW!. This theme challenged attendees to reflect on today’s world and leave room to find their own answers to KNOWing how to stay present and be ready for the future NOW.

TEDxMRU’s aim was to spark  curiosity and provoke discussions by encouraging a search for new ideas and perspectives, which raise awareness about issues that make an impact on society (giving and receiving), education (constant learning and developing) and technologies (connecting the dots) NOW. The emphasis was on the future belonging to those who prepare for it NOW/today.

Since then, we’ve had a chance to speak to the winners of  the TEDxMRU Mendeley competition for best comments: Dovile Barzdaite (Mykolas Romeris University), Corneliu Munteanu (Academy of Economic Studies from Moldova), and Irena Alperyte (Mykolas Romeris University).

Irena Alperyte










Q: What did you talk about at TEDxMRU?

Irena: My main topic was creativity in every day life

Dovile: Suprisingly, I still feel TEDxMRU event, atmosphere and good emotions. I talked with many friends about this event and I shared things which inspired me there. During the event I wrote down some quotes, I am still thinking about it meaning and why did I write it down.

Corneliu: About TEDx I have only maximum intensity emotions, since I’ve participated in other national TEDx conferences…So I wanted to see the level of an TEDx event organized by the forces of one university. It was amazing…The main goal of TEDx events is to inspire… The MRU TED achieved this goal. I was left with only very big and positive feelings.


Q: What was it like competing at TEDxMRU?

Irena: nice to be heard and hear the others

Dovile: It was my first that kind of event. Therefore, I didn’t know what to expect, how excatly it works and so on. But I was suprised! Everything was well done, I saw how much work putted there. I didn’t see any mistakes. Every minute was like something new. I can easily give 9 points in 10 points scale.

Corneliu:  I haven’t felt the competion on the TEDx forum… I just expresed my thoughts…my ideas…about the speeches. It was interactive to agree/disagree or just comment something that I heard on the scene.


Q: What did you take away / learn from the event?

Irena: optimism and motivation to go on; not to get stigmatized by mistakes

Dovile: I took a lot of inspiring thinking. During the event I wrote down some quotes, I am still thinking about it meaning and why did I write it down.

Corneliu: I learnt not to give up… To follow my dreams… To believe in my own forces and ideas… To be proactive and to take as much as possible from life.


Q: How did the Mendeley TEDxMRU Group effect your experience of the conference?

Irena: I felt the sense of the community for the first time at MRU.

Dovile: It was really nice to join that group and read all feedbacks after the event, see people who I saw during the event. This group can people contact with each other if them need something.

Corneliu: During the conference I had a lot of ideas/comments…that I wanted to share. Breaks were too small or may be u will not find the right person to discuss your ideas. Mendeley was a very nice platform were people are posting…and getting feedback! Thanks a lot Mendeley for getting involved in such events and giving opportunities!!! P.S. I am using a lot now Mendeley being quite grateful. This is what I was seeking!