Talks@Mendeley – Is Identity the New Money?


Dave Birch

Our next Talks@Mendeley is this is fast approaching, on Friday the 18th July at 6:00pm.

The speaker this time around is David Birch, whose TED talk  “A New Way to Stop Identity Theft” had been watched over 100,000 times. He expands on some of the talk’s themes in his latest book “Identity is the New Money”. David is an identity and transactions consultant and Director of Consult Hyperion and chairman of the annual Digital Money Forum and Digital Identity Forum in London.  His Mendeley talk will also explore the ways in which technology and the proliferation of digital currencies is changing how we think about our identities, and about transactions in general. Are we marching towards a future where cash will become redundant?

The talk will be streamed live and the videos will also be added to Talks@Mendeley playlist on our YouTube channel, where you can also watch the videos from the last talk, “Nobody Knows a Damn Thing” by Luke Dormehl.

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