MIT Libraries adopt Mendeley Institutional Edition for all their users





MIT announced that it is now offering enhanced Mendeley access for all its users. They purchased the Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE) which gives all users at a subscribing institution 5GB of personal space in Mendeley (as opposed to the usual 2GB that all users get with a free account) and 20GB of shared space (where the free allowance is 100 MB).

One of the main advantages of this enhanced package, however, are the greater collaboration features, which allow you to create an unlimited number of shared groups with up to 25 members each.

We hope that this will help MIT users to manage their research workflow much more easily, annotating and sharing PDFs as well as creating citations and bibliographies and collaborating with their colleagues with the many tools that Mendeley offers.

To take advantage of the enhanced features MIE eligible users (with a valid MIT email address) need to join the MIT group and then either create a new Mendeley account or connect their existing one to the group. There were already nearly 2.5 thousand Mendeley users at MIT, and since launching the Institutional Edition at MIT in mid-January, almost 500 have already signed up to the MIE group.

For more information see the Mendeley at MIT research guide, and if you’re an MIE user let us know what you think of it, any suggestions are welcome as usual!