Mendeley Desktop 1.10

The next release of Mendeley Desktop is here. You can update from within the app via Help → Check for Updates or download it here.

Mendeley Desktop 1.10 features improvements in two main areas: creating citations and discovering relevant research.

Journal Abbreviations

To make it easier to generate correct citations Mendeley Desktop 1.10 will now automatically abbreviate publication titles according to the rules of the style. We’ve included a built-in set of abbreviations and rules which should cover most publications out of the box. You can however provide additional abbreviations or custom lists in cases where the built-in ones do not match the output you need.


For BibTeX users, we’re handling abbreviations by providing an option to control whether the ‘journal’ field contains the full publication title (the default) or an automatically generated abbreviation. This can be set from the BibTeX tab in the Options/Preferences dialog.


In addition to journal abbreviations, we’ve also been checking and adjusting the styles used for many Elsevier journals.

Related Research

A key goal of Mendeley is to help users discover useful content related to their research interests. On the article pages in our catalog, we display papers related to the current entry.

In this release, we’ve added a new Related Research view which provides a way to quickly find articles in our catalog that are related to the selected content in Mendeley Desktop. With Related Research you can get:

  • Instant recommendations based on specific articles – Select a single document, a group of documents or a whole folder just hit the ‘Related’ button to find research related to those papers.
  • Quick and easy import – You can add recommended papers to your library with a single click and if we have permission to do so, we’ll include the full text of the article as well.
  • Drill-down into recommendations – When you find a recommendation that interests you, select it and click ‘Related Documents’ again to view further suggestions based on that paper.

Using Related Research is simple. Just select the document(s) or folder you are interested in and click the ‘Related’ button on the toolbar:


Mendeley Desktop will then search the catalog of the world’s research that we’ve crowdsourced from users and publishers and present related papers:


The recommendations come from a mix of analysis based on the content of the selected paper and what other users with similar interests are reading. Our new recommendations service is still young and we’re working on tuning the results, so please give us feedback and let us know how we’re doing.

Other Improvements

Alongside the two main improvements this release also includes a number of important bug fixes and stability and performance improvements. See the release notes for more details.

Supported Platforms

We are planning changes to supported versions of Mac, Windows and Word in the near future. This release introduces support for the upcoming OS X 10.9 and Windows 8.1 operating systems, expected to become widely available in October. There are no changes to supported versions of Mac OS X or Word in this update but in subsequent releases we intend to retire support for OS X 10.5, Word 2008 on Mac and Word 2003 on Windows.


8 thoughts on “Mendeley Desktop 1.10

  1. Looking at the release notes, it appears the alt-m bug on Mac OS X hasn’t been fixed in this update either?

  2. The related research feature sounds very promising, but it seems that Mendeley is really bad at figuring out if a suggestion is already in my library. For about half the papers it suggests that I already have, it won’t realize that they’re in the library. I try to keep the article data complete, and make sure that it’s correct, so this is not the reason why Mendeley has so much trouble with this. Are there any improvements planned in this area?

  3. The update on abbreviations is huge! Thanks. I’ve spent hours trying to reformat citations styles on my last paper.

  4. It still will not abbreviate references in the bibliography. The instructions are incomplete and do not work for me. It can’t abbreviate Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences or anything else it should abbreviate. I am using the latest version of Mendeley.

  5. Abbreviations is great, but unfortunately it is abbreviating book titles as well!

    I’ve tried to highlight this in the forum to no avail. Can this be fixed please?

  6. Good work here. It would also be nice if the main page showing the document details also had the journal names using their known abbreviations instead of the full names. For example instead of “The New England Journal of Medicine” it would be much better to have “N. Engl. J. Med”

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