Mendeley Desktop 1.6 Released

The final version of Mendeley Desktop 1.6 is here.  Please see our announcement of the preview release for a list of the improvements in this version and this gallery for screenshots.  In addition to the features in the preview, other enhancements added for the final release include:

  • Improved search in the PDF viewer.  Opening a PDF from the search view in My Library will start a search for the phrase in the PDF, search results wrap around when clicking Next / Previous, we display the number of matches and we no longer dim the whole page when highlighting matches.
  • Support for LibreOffice on Windows and improved detection of available LibreOffice / OpenOffice versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.  Please note that on Mac the plugin only supports LibreOffice.
  • Under Tools -> Options -> Connection, there is a ‘Use system connection settings’ checkbox in case you need to use custom proxy settings with Mendeley Desktop for any reason that are different to those used by Internet Explorer or Safari.

Many Windows users have asked for a version of Mendeley Desktop which can be installed and updated on systems without administrator rights.  There is now a customized installer (this is for 1.5.1, but it will update to 1.6 after install) which will install and run Mendeley Desktop from your home folder.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on this release, please keep it coming in!  You can vote for improvements on the feedback forum and get help with any problems on the support forum.

One final note, there are no changes to the supported platforms in this update but for the next release, Windows users will need Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later (if you’re reading this and you’re not sure, it is very likely that you already have this) and Linux users will require Ubuntu 10.04 or equivalent.  On Mac, we hope to support OS X 10.5 for a little longer, but if you can run Snow Leopard or newer, we’d suggest doing so.

3 thoughts on “Mendeley Desktop 1.6 Released

  1. Hi, I just download the 1.6 version and found that the search functionality in the PDF viewer is not working. It won’t search for the word and also it won’t highlight the results. Could you check please. Thanks

  2. > It won’t search for the word and also it won’t highlight the results.

    What happens when you try to do a search in the PDF viewer? You should see a bar drop down at the top of the viewer showing the number of matches for the word or phrase you typed. If there are matches, they will be highlighted in yellow in the main area of the PDF.

  3. I really love this product, but would like to see the ability to italicize words in article titles. Please! (If I can do this already and just haven’t yet found it, I’d appreciate being pointed to some info.)

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