Mendeley Desktop 1.6 Preview

A preview release of Mendeley Desktop 1.6 is available.  Improvements in this release include:

  • A visual refresh on Mac and initial support for ‘Retina’ display Macs.
  • Improved full-screen reading experience on Mac
  • The ability to add page numbers, chapters and other kinds of location within a larger work for individual citations.
  • The ability to suppress author names and add custom prefixes and suffixes for individual citations.
  • Improved compatibility with various proxies in corporate and campus networks.  Mendeley will use the system proxy settings on Mac and Internet Explorer’s settings on Windows.  If you encounter any problems, please let us know in our support forum.
  • When you drag and drop publications to ‘My Publications’, we now make it clearer that the documents will appear on your Mendeley profile and that the PDFs will be downloadable from there.
  • Clearer ‘Getting Started’ steps after installing the Word plugins.
  • Various small improvements to citation formatting.
  • The Filter and QuickShare panes in the lower-left corner can now be hidden when you don’t need them.

If you’d like to test the new release, please download the preview and report any issues in our support forum.  For more screenshots, see this gallery.

20 thoughts on “Mendeley Desktop 1.6 Preview

  1. “Improved compatibility with various proxies in corporate and campus networks. Mendeley will use the system proxy settings on Mac and Internet Explorer’s settings on Windows. If you encounter any problems, please let us know in our support forum.”

    I’ve always struggled a bit getting Mendeley and our work proxy to play nice, but have usually managed to get it working.

    It now doesn’t work at all

    The proxy settings in IE are correct – IE works fine. Mendeley does not. I know how to get round this, but I need the option to manually input different proxy settings into Mendeley – having it forced to use the same settings as IE is NOT helpful.

    • Hello Andrew,

      Thanks for testing this. You can switch back to the previous networking handling as follows: Press Ctrl+Shift+D in Mendeley and click the ‘Hidden Settings’ tab, then turn off the Feature_UsePlatformNetworkLib feature and restart Mendeley Desktop. You can then customize the proxy settings manually as before under Tools -> Options.

      Do you know any details about your proxy? Is a PAC being used? What settings are configured in IE’s proxy settings dialog?

  2. Quirks of our proxy system….. there are two sets of settings that I can use (one of which I’m technically not supposed to use……).

    If I use the ‘official’ settings there are some things that don’t work – some GUI graphics don’t load and there are some issues with groups. We are trying to get to the bottom of this here.

    If I use the illicit settings everything works.

    The trouble with Mendeley getting the proxy settings from IE is that IE doesn’t request user ID and password for the proxy server, and for some reason Mendeley won’t work without these (even if IE does)

    • Hi Andrew,

      Some of the images used in web content are hosted on a different domain (an Amazon CDN) than most of the content in Mendeley Desktop (which comes from The issue there may be a firewall or an secure site (SSL) issue.

      In the new release we’re not actually getting the proxy settings from IE, rather we’re using IE’s networking directly (as some other apps in Windows will do). That’s why I’m interested to know the kind of proxy authentication being used (eg. NTLM) or whether a PAC file is used to configure the proxy.

  3. I thin you guys are the only QT using developers that have managed to get a really local look and feel on the mac with this 1.6 release. Wonderful job.

  4. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your replies. Disabling Feature_UsePlatformNetworkLib gets it all up and running again.

    I remember during previous proxy issues I tried to get the information you asked for about the proxy authentication from IT services, but the first person I asked didn’t know and then my query disappeared somewhere. I will try and find out.

    It is curious that IE (also Firefox and Chrome) seems to work fine without requiring user ID and password for the proxy settings but Mendeley will not function without them.

  5. Spoke to IT support just now. Basically, for a reason, there are two proxy systems, lets call them A and B.

    A has no authentication requirements, and blocks almost nothing. When I enter the settings for A in Mendeley, it completely works, even without username and password.

    If I use B, it requires user ID and password details for Mendeley to work. If it uses the networking from IE, there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to enter these details. In any case, even with the correct passwords, some elements of Mendeley desktop don’t work right.

    For IE/Chrome/Firefox, I should really be using B. It seems that it is probably OK for me to use A for Mendeley, so I do need to at least have the option to manually enter proxy settings into Mendeley.

    For your information, B uses Active Directory authentication

    Thanks for your help

  6. Would be nice to see a early adopters badge in the general settings.

  7. Is the ‘My publications’ folder now able to be synced as a bibtex file? many people in our research group are moving to Mendeley but we need a simpler method of keeping pubs up to date than the manual export of pubs to bibtex format, and many don’t want to hack the sqlite database locally or use the web api. Seen the Bibbase approach but we have our own css etc – just want the up to date BibTeX file…..

  8. Hello Russell,

    > Is the ‘My publications’ folder now able to be synced as a bibtex file?

    Not directly, but if you enable BibTeX sync in ‘file per folder’ mode you can create another folder for your publications. If you then periodically drag and drop the contents of the My Publications folder to that one, it will create an up-to-date BibTeX file.

    > Is there an estimated date when this will be released?

    The final release should come later this month. The preview releases are updated about once a week. I don’t expect any dramatic changes from the current preview to the final release.

  9. “The ability to suppress author names and add custom prefixes and suffixes for individual citations.”

    Great feature and very helpful! Any plans on implementing a few more variations on this feature? ie. “Suppress year”, or provide the option to change the format from “(Author Year)” to “Author (Year)” ?

    Thanks for the great work!

  10. As much as I appreciate better compatibility with corporate network, I had hoped that 1.6 would also bring us improvements in export functionality. Mendeley has long-standing bugs with Bibtex and Endnote export – fixing those would really improve the workflow for me and many of my colleagues.

  11. Is there some place where we can suggest improvements and bug fixes? I like the software, but some things are rather unintuitive or could use enhancements.

  12. The tabs are missing when in full screen app mode on a Mac. Because tabbed browsing works in full-screen app mode in web browsers (e.g. Safari and Chrome), I presume this is a choice you have made rather than design limitation of OS X full screen app mode. I think that’s a bad choice. Without access to the tabs, I won’t find the full-screen mode useful.

  13. Hello osm,

    This isn’t so much a design choice but rather something that just hasn’t been implemented yet.

  14. Hi Rob and osm,

    I also find that the full-screen mode in OSX is not very useful without being able to access tabs. Will we have to wait for the next software update to be able to use this feature?

    Thanks very much.

  15. Very pleased to see that you can now suppress author etc with the citation editor…except it doesn’t seem to be working for me yet! I’ve downloaded v1.6, uninstalled and reinstalled the Word plug-in (just in case) but I’m still getting the old dialogue box without the new options. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? (I’m using Windows, if that makes a difference.)

  16. Hello David,

    The options appear in the dialog box only when a citation is selected in the edit field.

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