Meet the Mendeley Community!

As we cross over into the latter half of the academic semester, I can already tell it’s going to be a great semester for us. We’ve crossed over a million users and have seen millions of documents added in the past few months. This isn’t to toot our own horn, though, because we couldn’t have done it without the support of the wonderful Mendeley community. So I’d like to take a few sentences to thank everyone who has made this our best semester yet.

Mendeley Advisors are bringing the awesome.

Over 800 people have signed on as Mendeley Advisors, and they’ve helped spread the word to thousands of their colleagues across the world. Just by being there for their colleagues to provide a helpful hand, they’ve helped thousands of people join their colleagues on Mendeley and many of those have in turn helped others get started. Mendeley is useful for an individual, but really shines when you and all your colleagues are connected, so thanks to our Advisors for making it happen.

Mendeley community meetups

Dedicated members of the community team arrange meetups and have fun together. Research doesn’t stop just because it’s 5 PM and everyone else is going home, so it’s essential to take the opportunity to get together with colleagues and relax or just escape for a little while.

Meet our SUPER TEAM! Jan Reichelt is one of the co-founders of Mendeley and the leader of the community team. When not working on his PhD in Information Management, Jan is perfecting his smooth dance moves.

William Gunn is the Head of Academic Outreach. William got his PhD in Biomedical Science in 2008 and now he travels the world spreading the word about Mendeley. He’s able to leap tall podiums with a single bound. Ricardo is the scientific Community Liaison. Not only is he getting his PhD in Bioinformatics, but he’s also a gifted graphic designer. Chances are, if you’ve seen one of our webinars, you’ve seen some of his handiwork. His super power is supersonic status updates.

Andrew is the Relationship Strategy Manager. A Wharton graduate with STM publishing experience, Andrew is the man with the plan and his super power is to harness the awesome of his team and turn it into a meaningful strategy. Jess is our educational commmunity liaison. Jess works on her educational Masters at Teacher’s College, Columbia by day and fights for truth and justice by night. She’s also a frequent webinar host and speaker.

Would you like to be a part of our global Community Team? You’ll meet great people, get early access to new features and help change the way research is done. Join us now!