Mendeley Desktop 1.1 Preview Update

Mendeley Desktop 1.1-dev4 is now available for testing.  The main changes from the previous preview are:

  • The Word plugins can now be used alongside the ‘Track Changes’ feature in Word.

If you are using 1.1-dev1, you can update to dev4 by starting Mendeley and accepting the auto-update prompt.

If you are using a stable version of Mendeley, you can get the preview release from the downloads page.

In addition:

  • Auto-updates are now smaller
  • A number of bugs affecting the interoperability of Word documents containing citations added using the Zotero 3.0 Beta have been fixed.
  • Better handling of corrupted citation fields in Microsoft Word
  • Fixed a problem with the Microsoft Word plugin not appearing in the Script menu after installation under Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Mendeley no longer follows shortcuts or symlinks to other folders when searching for PDFs using the ‘Watched Folders’ or ‘Add Folder’ tool.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in folders not being restored properly after restoring a backup.

Known issues in this preview:

  • Mendeley Desktop may not start automatically after updating from 1.1-dev1 on older Windows systems.  You will need to restart it manually.

For a full list of changes in 1.1, please see the release notes page.


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