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We have updated the citation styles available in Mendeley Desktop from the main repository for CSL styles.  This adds 514 new citation styles and includes updates to many others.  You can browse and update styles from within Mendeley Desktop by going to View -> Citation Style -> More Styles.  Updated styles will have a blue ‘Update Available‘ label next to them. Click on the style and then click ‘Update Now‘ to install the updated citation style.

If you have developed new citation styles and you want to make them available to Mendeley users, please submit them to the CSL repository.

5 thoughts on “Citation Style Refresh

  1. This is good news. Does this mean that from now on updated styles will be available in Mendeley as soon as they become available is the CSL repository, or will there continue to be a delay period (perhaps because Mendeley uses a periodically updated copy of the CSL repository instead of direct access)?

    I would like to suggest that Mendeley should incorporate more frequent updates of the CSL processor. In the past, there was at least one period of many months during which many updates/bug fixes in the CSL processor were not incorporated into Mendeley.

    I’d also like to urge Mendeley to make significant contributions to development of CSL. Although I am a primarily a Mendeley user, it does not seem fair that Mendeley benefits from CSL & CSL processor (which as far as I can tell are entirely supported by a Zotero & Zotero users) without giving anything back in return. There’s not even any assistance for Mendeley users wishing to contribute CSL styles.

  2. Hi Osm,

    Yes, we will be incorporating more frequent CSL & CSL processor updates.

    With regard to contributions to CSL, Mendeley does in fact make contributions, both to CSL styles and to the CSL processor code. You may wish to take a look here: where we provide active assistance to users creating citation styles.

    There’s more information about Mendeley and CSL here:

  3. How frequently will the CSL repository be merged into Mendeley? I have just made a change to the Nature style but have not been able to automatically update the style in Mendeley.


  4. At the moment they styles aren’t automatically populated from github, but we’re working on changing that. Until then, there should be a refresh fairly often, around the desktop release schedule.

  5. William,

    Thanks for your response (21 Sept) to my comments. I think its pushing it a lot to refer to the “how to edit citation styles” blog post as active assistance. Questions in the comments section of that and other blog posts don’t always get answered and every comment seems to require moderator approval so it takes a while before it even gets posted. Furthermore, for some reason portions of CSL code seem to get automatically cropped when they are posted as part of comments on blog posts. I can’t quite remember what exactly, but it has happened to me in the past (maybe text enclosed in curly brackets???). The feedback forum is not effective either. Mendeley staff very rarely provide answers to direct requests for assistance posted in the comments of the thread you linked to.

    It baffles me as to why you don’t have a proper discussion forum like Zotero’s forum where the assistance (both in terms of speed and depth) provided by the developers and enthusiastic users is superb.

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