Mendeley Desktop 1.1 Preview

A preview release of Mendeley Desktop 1.1 is available.  This release includes several performance improvements in the Microsoft Word plugins alongside a number of stability and usability enhancements.

You can download the preview from the right-hand side of the downloads page.

You can give us feedback on this release in the feedback forum, the comments in this post or via our support form.

  • Improved the performance of inserting citations and refreshing documents using the Word plugins (these mostly benefit the Microsoft Word for Windows plugin, but there have also been improvements to the Mac Word plugin).
  • Pressing the ‘Delete’ key now removes the selected document from the current collection, instead of moving it to the trash. Pressing Shift+Delete moves the document to the trash and Ctrl+Shift+Delete removes it completely.
  • Folders in the left-hand pane are now collapsed on startup.
  • When a pair of documents are marked as not being duplicates in the ‘Check for Duplicates’ tool, that decision is remembered on the computer on which it was made.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem which could allow multiple copies of Mendeley to run at once.
  • Fixed Bibtex sync not updating the corresponding Bibtex files when documents are added to or removed from folders.
  • (Mac) Reduced watched folders resource usage and fixed crash when watching a folder containing a large number of sub-folders.
  • (Windows) Fixed Mendeley not being able to close Word automatically when needed on 64bit Windows.


  • There are no compatibility changes from the previous release.  In the event of problems with the 1.1 preview, you can revert back to 1.0.

4 thoughts on “Mendeley Desktop 1.1 Preview

  1. How do we get rid of “phantom” entries in the bibtex file from things we deleted using 1.01? I’ve tried syncing, deleting the .bib file, and even using “reset Mendeley Desktop”, and it keeps putting non-existent papers back into my .bib file.

  2. Hello Michael,

    There are a couple of possible explanations:

    * The ‘phantom’ documents are in the trash. Try emptying the trash.
    * In Mendeley Desktop <= 1.0, the relevant Bibtex files are not updated if you are using Bibtex sync with file-per-folder mode and you add or remove documents to folders. This is fixed in 1.1.

  3. Hello;

    I use the version, what happens if I install the 1.1 ?
    Will all my organization, paper information, text highlits, either automatically or manually entered and folder options like Folder watching, be mainained ?

    Thanks and congra for this nice & usefull soft.

  4. Hello Yann,

    Yes, your settings and data are preserved when upgrading Mendeley Desktop. We try to make updates as painless as possible. If you are working on a Word or OpenOffice document using citations inserted with Mendeley I would recommend saving a backup copy before updating.

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