Mendeley 1.0 is here!

Today, one of the world’s largest crowdsourced research libraries (that’s us) released version 1.0 of our desktop software, after almost 3 years in beta. This release comes just after two other significant milestones: the 1 millionth user of our application and the 100 millionth research document upload to our open research catalog. Key updates include duplicate detection, nested folders, and a refreshed Word plugin that stores a mini-library of cited publications inside Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents. Get Mendeley 1.0 on the downloads page.

Jonathan Eisen, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of California, Davis, had this to say, “Mendeley is at the leading edge of a scientific revolution: integration of social networking and scientific sharing. I am using it in a diverse array of applications, from scientific collaborations to outreach to staying up to date on the latest scientific advances.

Along with the major updates in 1.0, the web has seen a few updates as well and we have some great new videos to help people get started:

There’s also a whole series of short how-to videos on Youtube, including Importing Documents, Organizing your Library, Creating a Research Profile, and Using Groups.

We’re especially proud that we were able to knock out 3 of the 5 all-time most requested features in this update. However, there’s still lots of work to do. Upcoming features include: A easy-to-use citation style editor, better metadata extraction, improved handling of journal abbreviations, advanced search – internally within sticky notes as well as across external databases such as Pubmed – and more.

Finally, what’s a feature release post without an Android app update? There are at least 3 developer teams working on Android apps using our Open API. I’m optimistic we’ll see something before the end of September, which is, entirely coincidentally, the last date to submit an app for our $10001 Binary Battle developer challenge.

16 thoughts on “Mendeley 1.0 is here!

  1. When will the localization/translation available? Many people would like to see the software in their own language.

  2. Dear Mendeley,
    thanks a lot for your great software.
    But I think that you changed the word plugin for mac and there is no more mendeley script in the word applescript menu. Waou!
    Have you a solution or is it possible to download the old version of the plugin?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  3. I found the error : the script search for “” in the wrong directory of the mendeley App :
    in /Applications/Mendeley\
    and not in /Applications/Mendeley\…/Ressources/


  4. Hi, I am using Windows 7 64 bit and Office 2010 32 bit. I installed the Word plugin from within Mendeley and Mendeley does not complain. It no only shows uninstall in the tool menu. However, in word there is no trace of Mendeley whatsoever. No menus, no menu items, no itmes in any addin folder, no error messages, and no logfiles.

    What can I do to get Mendeley into Word 2010?


  5. Updated to version 1.0 last night, but, if Mendeley desktop is running, Word still crashes on startup when I try to open Word documents directly.

  6. Hello Rob,

    there is nothing of Mendeley showing up in the References tab either. There are only the entries of Word 2010s references features.


  7. Jared – We’re all quite aware of how fast the Android app has become the number one requested feature on our feedback forum. We’re doing everything we can to help people get their apps ready.

  8. @William I don’t doubt it; my point was that you were pretty confident about June as well, and when it’s down to someone working on an app in their spare time you can pretty much expect delays.

  9. I’m insatalling Mendeley on windows 7 and it keeps on saying
    ‘To join Mendeley, please connect to the Internet’
    Any suggestions on what it is that i should do.

  10. Am pleased to say that I’m enjoying the new features added in 1.0 (particuarly subfolders and duplicate finder).

    However, I’m even more glad to read in this blog post that citation style editor and improved handling of journal abbreviations will be upcoming features. The ‘started’ status on the feedback forum gives users no idea of your prioritisation of ‘started’ features so I hope their mention in this blog post implies they are at or near the top of your priorities. Whilst I have been able to live without these features by learning CSL and being aware of helpful hacks provided by users on feedback forum, I have not yet started recomending mendeley to others (such as those involved in software purchasing decisions in my lab or university) solely because of the absence (or recently in the case of 1.0 journal abbreviations – inelegant implementation) of these features which are taken for granted in (e.g.) Endnote. I hope to be able to recomend Mendeley to others soon.

  11. I updated to the new version on RHEL5 and now I get an error

    /usr/lib64/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9′ not found

    Is there a fix for this or someplace I can get the previous version?

  12. It is very important for me to have the abbreviation application ready very soon. I’m working on my thesis and i’ll need to change one by one 190 refrences before printing the final version! I am also submitting a paper to a journal and I’m constantly needing to change the refs! I hope it’ll come very soon!!!

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