Mendeley Desktop 1.0 Preview Update

We are getting closer!  An updated version of the Mendeley Desktop 1.0 Preview (1.0-dev3) is available.  It can be downloaded from the bottom of the downloads page or via automatic update from Mendeley Desktop 1.0-dev2.

This update includes many bug fixes, including fixes for the de-duplication tool and the Mac Word plugin.  For the full run-down, please see the release notes.

Thank-you to all the eager users who have tried the previous preview and given us feedback.  This preview is expected to be very similar to the final release, so please let us know if you encounter any problems.

11 thoughts on “Mendeley Desktop 1.0 Preview Update

  1. Awesome, although I can’t seem to find the journal abbreviations folder. Also Word 2010 still crashes occasionally and won’t restart unless Mendeley is closed.

    All in all, Mendeley is improving very rapidly and I have now ditched Endnote completely.

  2. I must say I’m really impressed from the update. One bug that i found is: When Mendeley is already running and a word file (containing mendeley references) is directly opened (by double clicking on its name) word crashes. If one first opens word (either by a file without references or by the main program) and then the specific file, everything works ok. Strange bug…

  3. Looks like a great update, and the improved Fedora installation is appreciated. However, it seems very unstable while running in Fedora 15-I’m getting all kinds of “Application asked to unregister timer” errors on start-up followed by a crash. Might be something to check out before the release.

  4. Just wanted to post that I’m seeing the exact same issue as Eva: if Mendeley Desktop is open, I need to open Word, then open my document to avoid Word crashing during startup.

    This is with Win7 x64 and Word 2010.

  5. Eva, Pete, Matt – We’ll take a look at the Word bug(s). If you’d send a bug report in to that would be most helpful.

    Tom – We officially support Debian and Ubuntu, but it should work on Fedora. Send a bug report?

  6. Hi, good job guys, I love the new update, especially the highly awaited abbreviation feature. A few problems / suggestions, though: since dev2, the “view research catalog entry for this paper” button in mendeley desktop is grayed for all my articles… Also, in Mendeley Desktop Mac, i think it’s great that the window size no longer expands when many tabs are opened, but it think the “My Library” tab should always be visible, because it’s not very handy to have to use the little arrows each time you want to go back to your library… Last thing: when selecting text in a pdf, i wish the page would go down as i try to select part of the text that is not visible on the screen. Right know if you want to do this you have to : select part of the text, copy, paste, move the page down manually, select the rest of the text, copy, paste.
    thanks !

  7. Hi Tom,

    If you are using 1.0-dev2, please try upgrading. If you are using 1.0-dev3, it would be worth us having a look at your recent log files to see if they indicate a problem (see The message about a timer is just a warning and can be ignored.

    Hi Tim,

    The ‘View research catalog entry’ button is greyed out because of a server-side issue. It should be back next week, along with some improvements to the quality of the matching process.

    Hi Pete,

    We’ve tracked down the crash when opening a document in Word (as opposed to starting Word without a document open), will be fixed in the next update.

    Hi Matt,

    Regarding journal abbreviations – please see this thread on the feedback forum for steps on how to use it and sample pre-made abbreviations files:

  8. Hi Rob,

    Thanks. You guys are awesome. Mendeley is already a terrific product, and you guys always jump on top of fixes and potential improvements. Keep up the good work.

    Mendeley is still in Beta, and I already can’t imagine switching to another reference management tool.

  9. Hi guys.
    I’m really enjoying all the improvements in the latest version.

    One issue/suggestion, when citations are added or refreshed in Word (2008 for Mac), if there is an edited citation and it asks if you want to keep it or change it, the focus goes to Mendeley afterwards, rather staying on Word. It would be great to keep Word on top after this.


  10. Hi, I appreciate the efforts of Mendeley development. I am thrilled with the coming v1.0! However, there is one bug that has been omitted in the past version including v1.0-dev4. The metadata of New England Journal of Medicine, the best medical journal, cannot be extracted. Could this bug be checked and solved? Thank you very much!

  11. Hi Hao,

    The basic problem with NEJM is that the journal title’s location, style and formatting are much more typical of article titles than journal titles in other publications. The metadata extraction currently uses a single ‘model’ that is trained on a broad range of articles. We have some ideas to improve this, but it will come in a post-1.0 release.

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