Join the Mendeley Advisor Program!

We want to invite YOU to be part of Mendeley by becoming a Mendeley Advisor!

If you are a power user and are enthusiastic about Mendeley and what we want to achieve and you’d like to spread the word about us at your university – while receiving some great benefits along the way – now’s your chance!

Hundreds of your friends and colleagues around the world have joined as Mendeley Advisors. They serve as official Mendeley representatives at their institutions and help us keep in touch with Mendeley’s growing userbase.

What you’d do:

Spread the word about Mendeley in your university in any way that you’re comfortable with. Some things our current advisors do are:

  • Putting up posters
  • Giving presentations or demos, to classes and 1-on-1
  • Conducting teaching sessions
  • Forming local user communities
  • Introducing Mendeley at university libraries
  • Talking to friends and colleagues about Mendeley
  • or any other good ideas you might have!

Basically, you’re going to be our number one contact person and the official Mendeley representative in your area. You’ll also help us better understand the needs of users, labs or departments at your institution, so we can keep improving Mendeley.

Some of the benefits:

Fame, glory, and you get to:

  • Be a part of the new way research is done – we want to make science and research more open and awesome!
  • Become the official Mendeley representative at your university, institution, or organization.
  • Get Mendeley’s premium features free of charge.
  • See new features before they’re publicly released.
  • Get the opportunity to travel to another university or host a Mendeley presentation out of town.
  • Get to know our team and other Advisors from around the world.
  • Be the first to learn about what’s going on at Mendeley.
  • Get access to our Mendeley Advisor forum.
  • Loads of free Mendeley gear.
  • Last but not least: Get a shiny advisor badge on your Mendeley profile!

If you have any further questions, contact us at

Ready to go? Click here go to our Advisor signup page and join today!