Have fun and share the love with the Mendeley Advisor program

As the worldwide Mendeley community has grown, the number of wonderful people and places we need to visit has similarly grown. Since nobody has uploaded that paper on how to clone yourself yet, we’re resorting to the next best thing…


Juan Pablo and Federico Viola were the first brother team to join the advisor program. Juan Pablo is in Spain and Federico is in Germany. This picture was taken in Pamplona.

Shortly thereafter, Lochana Menikarachchi joined and brought his brother Sashika with on board. Lochana is now in Connecticut while his brother is in Sri Lanka. This photo was taken in Sri Lanka.

Do you have a brother, sister, twin or clone? Invite them to join and help us spread the word! You don’t have to be as cute as these little guys (is it even possible?). All you have to do is click here.