Easy one-click addition of papers from Highwire Press, BMC, PLoS, Arxiv and more

At Mendeley, we want to fit into your workflow as seamlessly as possible. We recently posted an article showing you 7 ways to add documents to your library, so I’m pleased to announce that there’s now yet another way. Publishers such as Highwire Press, BMC, PLoS, Arxiv, Refdoc.fr and others have rolled out a “Share This” button for their sites, which makes adding research to your library as easy as sending a tweet. Read on to see how this works.

How this works

When you visit the site of your favorite publisher, let’s say Highwire, you’ll generally see a set of tools to the right (you might have to click the + by Share to expand the section).

Just click the button and Mendeley will fetch the article information for you and then you can choose to add it to a group, give it tags or notes, or capture a snapshot of the page. This method works best for folks who don’t use the Web Importer bookmarklet, but functions essentially the same.

Sites with the button include:

Oxford University Press (228 Journals)
BioMed Central (214 Journals)
PLoS (7 journals)
Arxiv.org (Subject Repository)
cat.inist.fr (Document catalog 50M+ docs)
opticsinfobase (Subject Repository)
capnobase (Subject Repository)
rcaap.pt (Subject Repository)
Ubiquity Press (Humanities Journal Publishing Platform)

Did I miss a site? Let me know. Want a button for your favorite site? Ask the publisher or repository to get in touch with us.