New Web Release: Embedded groups, web download links & raised API limits.

This Wednesday saw a mostly behind-the-scenes update, but there are a few things that are very useful: embeddable groups, web download links for private groups, and raised API limits for app developers.

Before we made groups available, we offered a means to embed your shared collections into a webpage of your choosing. That feature went away during the transition to groups, but I’m happy to report that it’s back. You can see how it works below:

To embed a public group, go to the overview page for the group, and underneath the display of followers for the group, you’ll see a little bit of text that says “Embed”. Click on this and a textbox will appear where you can get a code snippet to use in a blog post, profile page, or anywhere else you can put HTML. If you’d like to re-size the embedded area, use the customize button, or feel free to edit the code directly. Embedding isn’t available for private groups.

Private groups didn’t miss out on new features, though. Previously, you had to sync the desktop client with the web to get the files from a private group. Now, files in private groups have download links, so if you’re at a computer where Mendeley isn’t installed, you can still access the files in the private group when you log in to your account on Mendeley Web. Download Links

Finally, developers can rejoice, as we’ve totally removed the API limits for user-specific calls (those requiring OAuth). This will make it easier to build client-type applications, similar to our own Mendeley app. Public resource methods will continue to have 500 requests/hour, except for search at 5K/hr. If you’re interested, you can read more about the API and register an app at our developer portal.

6 thoughts on “New Web Release: Embedded groups, web download links & raised API limits.

  1. Hi,
    to make “embed function” really useable for a lot of people it would be useful to add a list by year function. Then you could use it to show your own articles on your homepage and this would be really nice.

  2. Yes, the display could use some customization options. If you’re using a WordPress blog, there’s a citation plugin for Mendeley that you can use for this, or until we add better sort/filter options, you can arrange the items in the collection in the order you’d like them to display.

  3. I agree that we need the option to at the very least sort by year. @William, I tried the workaround that you suggested of arranging the items in my group in the order I want them to appear, but I got stuck at the first step. I can’t figure out how to change the order of the items using the web interface. Additionally, when I sort by year in the desktop version that sorting doesn’t propagate to the web version. What am I missing?

  4. The Mendeley WordPress plugin does not work with the new groups-feature, and it is no longer possible to add a collection anymore.

  5. Rinke – I can confirm the plugin does work. It’s a bit tricky to get installed and configured right, though. I would check the WP Mendeley option under the settings menu in WordPress and make sure you’ve got the right collection IDs by clicking the “Request (Shared) Collection Ids” button. Sorry for the inconsistent group/collection nomenclature, but as long as you specify the correct numerical ID, it works.

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