Making a difference in the developing world – Katarlah Taylor from CGIAR

Katarlah Taylor Trainer in the Mendeley Session_Oct. 18, from Flickr, used by permissionEarlier this year, a representative from the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) got in touch with us to see if we could help get their organization started with Mendeley. Of course we agreed and recently we heard from Katarlah Taylor, a Knowledge Management Specialist at the International Food Policy Research Institute about how what we’re doing is making a difference to their organization.

IFPRI as an institution is focused on activities that benefit the greatest number of poor people in greatest need in the developing world. In carrying out its activities, IFPRI focuses on vulnerable groups, as influenced by class, religion, ethnicity, agroecological location, and gender. Katarlah presented Mendeley at Agknowledge Africa’s ShareFair in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a knowledge sharing event that brought together people and organizations to share agricultural knowledge.

Katarlah said:

Mendeley makes what IFPRI does easier because it provides a space where our researchers can share and collaborate. It allows them to have some control over their online professional life as it gives them a free tool to consolidate their research in one place that they themselves can manage, they can feature different collections in multiple locations simultaneously and it allows them to quickly see their statistics. Our researchers can use and reuse publications listed in their Mendeley accounts when writing a paper to facilitate the process as Mendeley integrates easily with Microsoft Word and many different citation styles. Increasingly, more and more of our researchers are taking advantage of this tool and we are excited about its current functionality and future prospects!

Sharing knowledge and connecting researchers is what we do, but it’s especially nice to be able to help out such a worthy cause.

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  1. This is a great post! So nice to see one of our CGIAR staff being featured for making use of this tool.
    I blogged about this and other activities we(CGIAR ICT-Km program) are doing together with Mendeley. See:
    “Sharing knowledge and connecting researchers is what we do”: Mendeley and the CGIAR what a good match! at–

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