Mendeley’s one-click web importer now saves webpage snapshots

Mendeley's Web Importer saving a snapshot

NOTE: The web snapshot feature has been deprecated due to lack of use. (Updated: 13th Nov 2013)

I recently wrote a blog post about one of Mendeley’s great features, the web importer. Promising an update at the end of the last post, I can now say that the newest cool thing that the importer can do is save webpage snapshots.

What this means is that not only can you import references from an ever growing list of supported sites but you can now save a snapshot of an actual webpage in your library.

The web importer saves a static HTML file with an exact snapshot of the webpage you are visiting and, if available within the webpage’s HTML, extract any relevant metadata.

Given the growing need to cite from websites, the ability to store a snapshot of a webpage is definitely a great new addition to the web importer’s features.

I know I’ll be using it, how about you?

To get the web importer, visit:

2 thoughts on “Mendeley’s one-click web importer now saves webpage snapshots

  1. Hi, I’ve seen this pop up. Where do the snapshots get stored in my library? Also, is there a way to disable it? Some sites don’t import but that doesn’t mean I want a snapshot, it just means I have to manually add the citation. In this context the snapshot is just extra noise for me.

  2. Sometimes when I try to import a reference from PubMed or ISI Web of knowledge then I instead get Webpage snapshot saved! I have not been able to figure out why, nor to get the import working again. Restart of Firefox 3.6.7 does not help, but the next day when I am trying then it might work again. You have some bug in the function and it is very annoying. How do I turn off the webpage snapshot saving?

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