Painting of Flying Spaghetti Monster's oddly shaped halo emerges

Here is an alternative version of Michelangelo’s fabled Flying Spaghetti Monster painting – this one includes His halo, shining a divine light on His Noodly Appendage. The halo looks otherworldly, yet eerily familiar.

Flying Spaghetti Monster Halo

You can grab a larger version off the Mendeley Flickr account. Hat tip to Niklas Jansson, who was the first to be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

One thought on “Painting of Flying Spaghetti Monster's oddly shaped halo emerges

  1. Considering the respect you have for the views of the eminent scientists you have named your software after, the Eastern Orthodox Christian (Mendeleev) and the Roman Catholic monk (Mendel), I find it strange that you choose to disregard their views in other areas and place the logo you have created based on their names over the head of an atheistic symbol they would each have strongly disagreed with.

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