Stanford vs Cambridge: The race is on!

I was doing some research to see which universities have the most Mendeley users, when I thought it might be fun to see how these universities have grown day by day, over the last three months. The chart below shows just that: the top 10 Mendeley universities, and the growth in user base in each of these from August 1st to November 1st.

Watch out Stanford! Cambridge is right behind you…

Top 10 Universities

4 thoughts on “Stanford vs Cambridge: The race is on!

  1. The graph is really nice, but as ‘science tool’ providers you guys at mendeley should know that the y-axis needs a unit label too…

  2. Yeah, and it would be interesting to see the raw numbers, so we know what to aspire to.

  3. Not only a unit on the y-axis is missing as serengeti pointed out, but what was the value before August? Berkeley could have “thousands” of people using it but only added a couple new users in the last 3 months while at Stanford the very first 15 people started using it just now…

    This chart mirrors the software. The idea has potential but was put together in a sloppy and amateur way. Science doesn’t live well with these.

    I’d love to use a tool with Mendeley’s functionality but I have to put up with way too many bugs and poor design decisions.

  4. I’m pretty sure they left off the Y-axis numbers on purpose, so they wouldn’t know how far each has to go to beat the other.

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