And the winner is… Jonathan Peelle!

Last month, we decided to reward loyal referrers who invited at least 3 colleagues via the Mendeley invite tool and entered them into a prize draw to win an ipod shuffle.

Last week we’ve randomly drawn the winner and it is…. Jonathan Peelle from Cambridge University! He is a postdoctoral fellow at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit researching speech and language processing in the human brain.

Here’s what he thinks about Mendeley:

Jonathan Peelle“There are three things that drew me to Mendeley. The first was the combination of desktop software and the web interface both of which are excellent and support the way I work. In particular having the web interface means my library is always accessible, wherever I am.

Second, the ability to share papers with co-workers is fantastic. It enables me to see what my colleagues are reading and saves me the trouble of typing in or searching for references they have.

Finally, being able to organize my articles by topic/folder and tags is very handy, and helps me to find those slightly more obscure references I’ve read and filed but then promptly forgotten.”

A big thank you to Jonathan and all other loyal users for spreading the word about Mendeley!